8 Ways to Have Fun in College Without Drinking Alcohol

We all know partying and college go hand in hand, and with partying comes alcohol. However, if drinking and partying on the weekend isn’t your thing, you can still have fun without waking up with a vicious hangover the next day! Below is a list of ideas of how you can have fun on weekends in college that don’t involve cracking open a White Claw Hard Seltzer:


1. Explore the city!

Be a tourist for a weekend night and sightsee. Find a new restaurant with an intriguing menu, or shop in a chic, stylish boutique. If you are without access to a car, Stonehill offers a shuttle to Quincy-Adams train station that can cheaply transport you into the city. Uber is always an option as well but depending on the time of day or night it could be costly.


Tourist attractions in the Boston area:

* Faneuil Hall: features a food court with extensive options of local flavors, and stores such as Urban Outfitters and American Eagle.

* North End: Mike’s Pastry has a wide assortment of cannoli flavors, such as classic chocolate chip and pistachio, as well as other desserts!

* Newbury Street: located in Boston’s Back Bay area, includes a variety of restaurants and stores. My personal favorite is Stephanie’s on Newbury.


2. Bowling!

An inexpensive and classic way to have fun. Get a group of friends together and go bowling! Make it competitive by forming teams and competing against one another. Assign a team theme and bring props! An example could be different colors of the rainbow, animal print, or sports jerseys. Bowling is also a good idea for team bonding for sports teams or for on-campus clubs to meet new members!


Bowling near Stonehill:

* Westgate Lanes in Brockton, MA

* Kings in Dedham, MA


3. Go to the party sober!

Contrary to popular belief, you can still enjoy a party without drinking alcohol! If you feel you will be pressured to drink, pour lemonade or iced tea in a solo cup or bring a water bottle.


4. Catch up on homework or get ahead for the upcoming week!

A typical college student has a lot on their plate with being student-athletes, members of clubs, teaching assistants, and tutors, so the week can become hectic and stressful. The weekend can be a good time to catch up on any missed classwork because of being

away at a sports competition, or a time to start studying for an upcoming test that could boost your grade in that class.


5. Sleep!

With completing work for a number of classes, having a social life, and attending extracurricular activities, sleep seems to be aspect of a college student’s life that is compromised. The weekends are a time to catch up on sleep, and make sure you are rejuvenated for another busy week of activities, homework, and class.


6. Go shopping!

Retail therapy is a great way to destress after a restless school week. Stores to shop at on a “broke college student” budget include Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and H&M who have great finds, and always have sales and markdowns! Remember to ask if the store carries a student discount if you show your student ID!


Places to shop near Stonehill:

* Legacy Place in Dedham, MA

* South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MA

* Wrentham Premium Outlets in Wrentham, MA


7. Go to the movies!

Watching a movie in a theater beats watching one on your laptop or on a TV in your common room. Go see the new Blake Lively movie, A Simple Favor, or if you’re in the mood for horror/thriller, The Nun is another great option!


Places to go to the movies near Stonehill:

* Showcase Cinema in Randolph, MA

* AMC Theatres in Braintree, MA


8. Go out to dinner!

Sick of dining hall food? There are numerous places to eat around Stonehill whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a sit-down. Going out to dinner is a great way to reflect on your week and catch-up with friends!


Places to go to dinner near Stonehill:

* Town Spa Pizza (cash only) in Stoughton, MA

* Stoneforge Grill in Easton, MA

* Sweetgreen in Dedham, MA

* Bertucci's in Brockton, MA

* Lil Sami’s in Brockton, MA

* Ninety-Nine in Easton, MA