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6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Everyone You Know is Sick

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Everyone You Know is Sick


Luckily for me the plague that has hit Stonehill like a brick wall has not affected me. However when you are eating, sleeping, and studying with infected people all day long you need to take measures to protect yourself. Here are some ways to stay safe when the campus is full of sick people. 

1.     Don’t touch anyone or anything

2.     Avoid the coughers, we can all hear them roaming campus and your best bet is to stay as far away as physically possible!!!!

3.     When your roommate gets sick sanitize everything. I mean everything, like that wall they just breathed on.

4.     Drink Emergen-C. And then when you’re done drink it again.

5.     Wash your hands before, during, and after each meal or snack you eat.

6.     Don’t fingers in your mouth

7.     Sleep. At night, in the morning, and during the day.

So sorry to the people that have already been victims and I give my best wishes to those of you who are still healthy. I hope you all survive. Here we have Kiki who couldn’t make it through, maybe if she followed these simple steps things could have gone differently. 


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