10 Tips to Reduce Stress in Autumn

Autumn season is an oxymoron for college students. Find time to be festive, but stress out on classes and midterms. For the freshmen, indulge in fall foods, but try not to get the ‘Freshman 15’. Like most times in life, Fall is a time for balancing. While I may not be the prime example of goldie locks this Halloween, here are 10 tips and tricks I have for relaxing and staying organized to eliminate stress while staying in the festive mood.


  1. Use apple or musky scented air fresheners in your dorm


  1. Pile on all the hoodies for comfortable studying


  1. Giant and adorable mugs are a must for any warm drink this season


  1. Plan weekend trips with friends to do seasonal activites like apple picking or pumpkin carving so you have accounted for time off work and don’t miss out on any of the fun this Fall


  1. Tall and fuzzy socks! Bonus points for cute designs.


  1. Holiday pants. We all own them. We all love them. So wear them.


  1. Fall photo shoots with your friends. The fallen leaves are practically begging to be on your instagram.


  1. Go out or watch movies and stay in on Halloween! No, you are not too old to dress up with your friends.


  1. Movie marathons are another must. Especially if you can focus on studying and a movie at the same time.

  2. Anything you loved at home (like making cinnamon buns). Do that at college too so you feel right at home and enjoy the season!