5 Things to Do to Kill Time on Campus

There’s a time in every student's life when they find themselves stuck on campus either because they have a class in an hour and have nothing to do or just don't feel like going home.  Living at Seaview, I often find myself stuck at Stockton wondering what to do with the two hours I have until my next class. Here are 5 ways to fight boredom while on campus!

1. Take a walk around Lake Fred

One of the best things about having a school surrounded by trees and lakes is our wonderful Lake Fred! No matter what time of the day, Fred is always one to deliver an astonishing view. Yes, even you can get a beautiful picture of Lake Fred and post it on Instagram as a #StocktonAppreciationPost or #FredFriday.

Courtesy: Dolma Sherpa 

2. Explore the Library

Everytime I go to the library, I end up finding a new spot to study.  Stockton's library even has a Holocaust Research Center where you can listen to an excerpt of Anne Frank's diary. The history buff in me loves learning about it and ends up getting lost in the facts. The quiet zone is one of the best places to study and for taking a great nap.

Courtesy: Stockton University

3. Take a nap

As we all know, naps are one of the greatest things that college students live by. Stockton has, possibly, some of the comfiest sofas a university could have. Some of the best napping places include above Dunkin Donuts, the quiet zone in the library, the seating areas by the PAC (Perfoming Arts Center), and the lounge area in between building C and D.

Courtesy: Stockton University

4. Check out the Coffeehouse

From those who love to have friendly competitions or simply want to play a game of Pac Man, the coffeehouse is one of the perfect places to go. In the coffeehouse, there are games, such as pool and ping pong, where you can give your ID in and play a couple of rounds. Maybe you’ll even make a new friend! If that's not your style, there always free retro games, such as Pac Man, right by Dunkin!

Courtesy: Stockton University

5. Visit the Stockton Art Gallery

Stockton has a great art gallery which is located in J wing. The purpose of the art gallery, according to the Stockton University website, is “to encourage serious inquiry and diverse audience participation from the college, local, and regional communities by providing a variety of contemporary and historical art exhibitions and related programming in support of the Visual Arts curriculum.”

Courtesy: Stockton University

So Ospreys, no matter how long your boredom may rise on campus, remember that there is always something to do!