11 Times "The Office" Was Actually You This Semester

With the recent election, exams, and research papers, college students seem to be more stressed than ever. During these times of apprehension and anxiety, I find I relate to one show on a spiritual level: The Office. If you're feeling the First Semester Slump, you'll definitely appreciate these The Office moments:

1. When you and your friends see that your favorite table is open at the library

dance party the office party hard dance moves

2. When you don't fail all of your exams

nbc the office office andy nailed it

3. When you check to see how much money you have left on your meal plan, and are pleasantly surprised

yes the office good nod stanley

4. When your mom asks how your semester is going

laughing the office haha

5. Waking up for your 8 am class

sad the office depressed dead inside i am dead inside

6. When your parents give you $20 when you go home for the weekend

crying the office thank you dwight schrute rainn wilson

7. When your professor tells the class that there's no curve on an exam

the office michael scott why are you the way that you are why

8. When someone asks if you're going to be on Dean's List this semester

michael scott the office ok

9. When your morning class gets cancelled

dance michael scott everybody dance now music the office

10. When you have to write a 30 page research paper

michael scott sentence train of thought

11. When you see your professor in public

the office hiding

So keep on studying, stressing, and succeeding, because this is the life of a college student! No matter the struggle, never forget that you are Beyoncé always.

beyonce the office steve carell michael scott always

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