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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stevens chapter.

In such a chaotic and fast-paced environment its understandable to assume all college students have dealt with burnout at some point. Attempting to balance a college class schedule, studying, homework, extracurriculars and a social life can leave little time left for self-care. It can also be hard for some to recognize burnout within themselves, so we will discuss the symptoms you may experience if you’re suffering from a burnout. 

Identifying a Burnout: 

  1. You’re Consistently Tired. 
  • You’re Being Negative.
  • You Feel Useless.
  • You Feel More Sensitive.
  • You’re Having Trouble Focusing.
  • You’re Feeling Thirstier Than Usual.
  • You’re Having Trouble Sleeping.
  • You’re Having Bad Anxiety.

What Caused Your Burnout: 

  1. Academic Pressure
  • Perfectionism
  • Financial Pressure 
  • Neglecting Self-Care

How to Fix Your Burnout: 

            It is important to be gentle with yourself when you are suffering from burnout. You don’t want to stress yourself out further by worrying how to get over a burnout. The best way to get out of a burnout is practice extreme self-care. This includes sleeping 8 hours, feeding yourself multiple times a day, and taking time for yourself. Another good practice is exercise. It helps a lot to work out as it releases endorphins in your body. It is a good stress reliever and can help you feel more productive. Another notable practice is saying no. It is easy to say yes to everything someone asks of you, but it’s important to set boundaries and think of yourself first sometimes. You can also seek relief by practicing mindfulness and meditation. I hope you recover from your burnout soon! 

I am a 3/4 Business & Technology major concentrating in Computer Science & Information Systems.