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Whether you’re a freshman on your own for the first time or an upper classman still trying to figure it out, nothing makes a long day better then a delicious home cooked meal.  However, you cant cook like your parents used to so you wind up eating in the commons or buying ramen and fast food, which is always so disappointing after its been inhaled. It can be hard learning how to cook for yourself when you have no idea where to start.  How do I know when the chicken is done? How do you cook this?  What compliments that? You are in luck! I’m here with five easy steps to put your cooking skills on track for greatness.


1. Start with the basics. Read cooking articles and directions online, or simply call your parents and ask how or where to start.


2. Learn how to grocery shop properly.  Just because ramen is 27 cents doesn’t mean it should be bought weekly in bulk.  Get protein, carbs, and vegetables. Also, pick up some spices; they are an easy fix to taking your foods flavor from dull to wow!


3. The best part about cooking is you don’t need to follow the directions exactly like you do with baking. However, that doesn’t mean ignore them. Follow the directions for anything raw, but spices, oils, or other flavors you can play around with.


4. Making something you already know how to make and add something to it; try adding chicken to pasta or sautéing vegetables. Start out with small meals; therefore if you mess up you don’t waste a ton of food. 


5. Taste your food and ingredients (as long as its not raw) as you go, allow your senses to guide you on what will go well together. 


Cooking can look intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  Once you have mastered the basics of cooking don’t be afraid to experiment, after all college is about trying new things. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend or try it out solo, your taste buds will thank you later! 

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