What is RHA?

As a first-year, I used my fall semester to transition smoothly into my classes. Spring semester, I was on the hunt to find my niche, my go-to group, my squad. I was confident enough to join a few organizations, and Residence Hall Association was exactly what I was looking for! If you are looking to get involved on campus, meet new people, share your thoughts and opinions and act, RHA may be the student government organization for you!



RHA stands for Residence Hall Association. We are the governing body representing the St. Catherine University residential community. In addition to serving as your representative voice within the residence halls, RHA hosts numerous large-scale events designed to build community and foster social connections. These events, which are initiated, sponsored, and funded by RHA, require an active student body willing to serve in leadership roles.

Little may you know, but approximately $6 of your student fee goes to RHA. YOU have the right and ability to voice what happens with your money. RHA is a wonderful opportunity to make an impact on your community. As a resident at St. Kate’s, you are a participating member of your student government, as a member with privileges and responsibilities.

You have the ability to participate in the brainstorming, planning, and implementation of what you want to see occur in the halls.


There are numerous positions with different time commitments to accommodate everyone’s schedules. These positions include Executive Board members, Building Representatives (you have one vote and speak on behalf of your floor) and General Assembly (a general member who participates in discussion and events).

There are many benefits to serving on the leadership within RHA, including attending retreats, leadership training, workshops, conferences at other universities, priority housing, opportunities to plan and implement activities for residents, and to grow your network on and off campus.

One unique opportunity RHA offers is to travel across the country for conferences on RHA development. This year RHA members are attending the National Association of College and University Residence Hall conference at Arizona State University, Tempe. There are three travel opportunities per academic year.


If you are a resident and have some ideas to share about how parking should be regulated on campus, or ideas on how to improve campus dining, join us with Public Safety and Sodexo this month! See flyers below for more information!