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Self-care to Reduce Stress Levels

With midterms finally over and finals closer than they appear, it’s easy to forget ourselves in our crazy everyday schedules. Here I have listed five different ways we can all make sure to put our self-care as a priority to reduce our stress levels.



Sometimes the most important way to release some stress and take care of yourself is by simply taking a breath and giving yourself a few minutes to just relax. I use this method when I am in the library neck deep in textbooks and notes; when I push all the materials back and just rest even for a minute, it has significant effects on my performance and my ability to memorize better. Relaxing also means going back to your dorm or house and giving yourself some time to not think about the stressors which in our case is usually homework or upcoming doom aka tests. Take an hour to do something else, the next methods of self-care are ways you can relax.


Essential Oils

The smell of oils such as lavender, mint, orange or really anything you can find helps you relax. Try getting the multi-colored diffusers that change color and diffuse the oil all around your room in a pretty way. Here is one you can buy at TJMaxx.



This method of relaxation is my most used one and in my opinion the best. Taking a notebook and just writing down really anything helps you let go of any built up stress and frustration. Many people mistakenly believe that journaling means owning a boring “diary” but it’s much more than that. Writing down future goals, and habits you want to break, scheduling your day, and just any random thing you want to write about can go in this journal. This can not only help reduce stress levels but can reduce any oncoming stress because you can look into your journal for any goals or schedules you may have to plan your day accordingly. I have found that journaling helps me stay focused on my priorities.  



Sometimes in the midst of all the semester crazy, we forget that we need time just to go out and have fun. Get lunch with friends, go to the movies or shop. Being around loved ones and not doing anything stressful can help your mind relax and take time to recover from all the stress and constant learning it is doing. A good frequency to go out and do something is at least once a week, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or even money related. It can just be cooking dinner at home and eating it with family or friends. A little socializing can go a long way!


For those of us who are affiliated with any religion know the effects religiosity has on our stress levels and relaxation. However, it does not only work for those who are religious. Spirituality can be meditating and letting go of everything on our mind. It doesn’t have to be something serious as well; it can be five minutes right before your test. It helps clear your mind and focus more on the task at hand.


College is already stressful and finals week is even more stressful, so begin to teach yourself ways that you can do self-care that reduces your stress levels and increases your health! 

*all images are from Pixabay

Fardosa Kadar is an undergraduate student majoring in nursing. Aside from her health studies, Fardosa enjoys reading, writing and watching international dramas.
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