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When you think of college, it’s easy to jump to a stereotypical state university that’s big on sports and Greek life. That image could not be more different than my school, but still, I love it. While small schools definitely are not for everyone, there are some undeniable benefits that come with the size difference.



Small Classes

When you go to a small school, it’s only natural that the class sizes reflect that. This opens up the in-class possibilities to things such as large group discussions, chances to ask more questions, and more flexibility in class activities.  

Staff Knows You

With a smaller class size, professors have the chance to get to know the students in their classes, and as a student you can build amazing relationships with them. This is true for other staff members as well, whether it’s a financial advisor or disability resources, the staff knows you by name, which is pretty amazing.

Office Hours Are Easy

There are numerous stories from bigger universities of students never being able to meet with their professors during office hours to get help. At a small school, odds are you can meet with your professor for help when you need it, or even just to stop and chat—they’re pretty open.  

Recognizing Other Students

With only so many students on campus, you end up recognizing people or running into someone you know at almost every turn. Campus becomes a small community, and that is irreplaceable.

Junior at St. Catherine University, majoring in psychology.
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