Introvert's Guide to Socializing

It’s undeniable: going off to college is exciting; but it can also be nerve-wracking. For introverts especially, that nervousness often can be attributed to the idea of finding friends and a group on campus. To help overcome those worries we have some tried and true advice for socializing at your new school.

Make Friends on Your Floor

A great and easy way to get to know people is by leaving your dorm room open, you’d be surprised how many people will stop by to say hello! Remember that everyone else is looking to meet people too, so don’t be afraid to stop and chat.

Talk to People in Your Classes

Instead of scrolling through your friend for those few minutes before class, try talking to some people around you. Small talk can be hard, but talking about the class or professor is a good back-up and something you have in common. As you start taking some of your more specialized classes it will get easier since you tend to have similar interests!

Study Sessions

If you want to take it a step further, ask some of your classmates to do homework or study outside of class. It gives you a great reason to get together and you can get some work done—it’s a win-win.

Join Clubs

Take advantage of clubs and other on campus organizations; they’re a great way to meet people. You can meet other students with your same interests, and the group setting can take off the pressure of one-on-one interaction. Be sure to check out your school’s activities fair and keep an eye for flyers that might peak your interest!

Make Friends with Their Friends

Once you get to know one or two people, it becomes a lot easier to make more friends. Whether it’s through your roommates or a current friend, get to know the people who run in your same circle. Hanging out as a group is an easy way to get more comfortable around new people.