Introducing Me

I think it is only fitting that I introduce myself first. I should start with the basics: my name’s Nell, my pronouns are she, her, hers, and  I’m a junior English major with a Communication minor. I love reading and writing and hope to have a job in digital media someday. I love iced coffee, tacos, and being my most authentic self. I want to join Her Campus to get hands-on experience with writing articles and posting on social media. Here I am, writing my first article.

I want to write articles that mean something, which is why I’m starting a series titled “HC Katies” These articles will consist of interviewing students in the STCU community, and asking them questions about who they are, and how they balance everything as students.

This generation of college students thrives on being ‘busy.’  I am definitely guilty of this. I have noticed this year that I use the words, good person and busy, as synonyms. Anytime I said no to something social or let myself breathe I called myself a bad person.

I said yes to everything and I told myself that I have to do everything, I have to balance everything, I have to be busy. Long story short, I suffered from multiple panic attacks because I didn’t give myself breaks or let myself breathe. I remember when these panic attacks came on, I would have to stop whatever I was doing, find a quiet place, and let myself cry and shake out all the anxieties I was being overwhelmed with.

At this point, you may be wondering why I’m talking so candidly about my struggles with mental health, and that answer is easy, we have to end the stigma. I’m ending it by taking the power away from anxiety, and sharing it for all to read. I always thought my anxiety had to be this quiet, private thing. I kept telling myself that my mental health wasn’t as bad as others and that I was fine.

I have had to come to the conclusion that my mental health might not be as bad as others, but I still need to take care of it.  I have started practicing self-care, something as simple as listening to a podcast or walking around Dew Drop Pond. I let my close friends know when I’m struggling. I ask for support and give myself breaks. I have never been more social or as busy as I am now and I love it. I know now when to give myself breaks, and let myself say no to things. Life will always busy, but I know for a fact that I can handle it.

This is only a part of my story. I look forward to hearing others stories as well. I look forward to hearing what journeys others have been on. I will keep working to end the stigma on mental health because I believe the best way to end the stigma is by reaching out for help and talking about it.