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Taking time for self-care as a college student is very challenging. Maintaining a busy schedule, that typically consists of school work, and social obligations can take away precious time from yourself. In college, and being in one’s early 20’s, we have to be selfish of our time. It is so easy at this time in our lives to say yes to everything and not take time for ourselves. We can burn out our precious light that we have and diminish into not being our best selves. Self-care doesn’t have to be strenuous or complicated. Here are five easy self-care tips for busy students.

Maintain a clean room

Coming home to a clean room after a long day of classes is an amazing luxury. I find that when I’m stressed, I can turn on a podcast and tidy up. It feels so good to spend just 10 minutes cleaning and having a clutter-free space. It’s something as simple making your bed every day and making sure every spot has a place. Having a clean room, and a space to call your own is something to treasure in one’s busy life.


Let’s be real; we rely way more on our phones then we let on. We wake up to our alarms, check our social media, all before breakfast. Unplugging doesn’t have to mean not going on your phone at all, but simply being aware of how often we check our phones. I like to unplug when I feel like I’m feeling uninspired and lethargic. Taking an hour away from the digital world is awesome `for your mental well being.

Do a face mask

Sometimes doing something as simple as taking a night in, watching a Disney movie, and doing a face mask is truly a luxury. A face mask is a great way to take a minute for yourself and slow down. Plus, bonus, it makes your skin look, and feel amazing.

Go to bed early

I know this might seem impossible what have with the amount of homework we all are obligated to do and all the other tasks that have to be done, but getting to bed early is so valuable. It’s nice to have a good bedtime routine in which you can get an adequate amount of sleep. Waking up well rested is a great way to start the day.


Journal/Make a To Do List

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out. Something as simple as sitting down with a piece of paper and writing down your thoughts is very cathartic. Going back through your journal can also be a nice, reflective process. Making a to-do list is very similar to journaling. If I ever get stressed, which is often because I am a busy student, I find it helpful to sit down and make a to-do list. I enjoy sitting down and looking at all I have to do. It makes me feel like a calm and more organized person.


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