Working Out on Campus

One way to stick to a New Year’s resolution or workout regimen is to switch it up! Check out one of the following activities available at Saint Vincent to stay active, have fun, and try something new at the same time! 

1. Zumba 

Get dancing, laugh a little and go to Zumba in Alcuin on weeknights. The certified instructor gets you moving and burning calories right away! 


2. Yoga 

Unwind with some yoga and enjoy a relaxing workout! You won’t regret attending and Fridays are for trying new moves and challenging yourself. 


3. Cardio kickboxing 

If you already have tried Zumba and yoga, now it’s time to test out your cardio kickboxing skills! Get that heart rate up and get rid of any stress. 


4. Intramurals 

This is a great way to be active, have fun, and make friends. There are always exciting intramurals happening like Spikeball, Soccer, Volleyball, and more! 

5. Trail Walks/Runs

Sometimes your feeling sluggish and all you need is to move around a little. I definitely recommend talking walks with friends to get motivated again! Plus the trail behind Benny offers some beautiful views. 


6. Run steps by monastery 

Need to de-stress? Take it to the steps and pump out a quick cardio session with some focus on your legs and glutes too. 


7. Hills sprints 

Our campus is perfect for outdoor workouts and hill sprints are perfect if you are looking for a challenge! Try to run the cross-country course if you're really up for a challenge. 


8. Watch Youtube videos in your dorm 

If you want to do your own thing I recommend finding a Youtube instructor you like and working out in your dorm or pod! 


9. Go to the swimming pool 

Really looking for a change? Put on a suit and go swim some laps! This is super fun and the pool is pretty empty at night so there’s no reason to not try it! Bring your friends for fun and aerobics. 


10. Join SVC Fit 

SVC Fit is a club on campus all about fitness and getting strong! Definitely look into this if you need some guidance with lifting and other strength training. 


Keep on working hard and reaching your goals. Good Luck!