Signs You're Stressing Too Much

The semester is winding down to an end, which means stress is at an all-time high for just about everyone. With professors assigning last minute work, club and school activities seemingly happening all at once, and final exams and projects coming up, the stressors seem never-ending. Due to everything going on at once, I have noticed some changes in myself lately, like the fact that every time I have brushed my hair over the past week, more and more seems to fall out with every brushstroke. That got me to wondering what other signs the body gives us when we are overly stressed. According to The American Institute of Stress, these are some common signs that may mean your stress levels are higher than normal.


1. Frequent headaches, jaw clenching or pain, and gritting and grinding teeth

2. Neck aches and back pain

3. Excess anxiety, worry, guilt, or nervousness

4. Increased anger and irritability

5. Increased symptoms of depression and anxiety

6. Change in appetite

7. Insomnia and nightmares

8. Difficulty concentrating and learning new things

9. Confusion, forgetfulness, and disorganization

10. Constant fatigue

While stress is a natural part of life, and these symptoms can accompany it on occasion, if your stress becomes long-term or especially severe, you should consult a doctor and/or a counselor about how it is affecting you and how you should deal with it. After all, it would be difficult to finish up the semester strong when suffering from the symptoms of stress listed above. For more information on how stress can affect your body, visit