How to Win the Best Roommate Ever Award

Hey college students, do you think you’re a good roommate? Keep reading to find out if you already follow our tips or if you need to up your game!

I am grateful every day that I was blessed with an amazing roommate! College roommates can make or break your college experience. Sharing a dorm with a respectful, clean roommate is the hope every student has before moving in. If you and your roomie click from the start and become best friends then your luck is even better! From experience, I recommend having patience as you and your new living partner work things out and get to know each other. This will help you understand your roommate’s likes and dislikes and show them that you care to listen. Freshman year is very exciting as meet new people and search for your tribe. Remember that your roomie is always there for you and often is the best person to go to during the ups and downs. My roommate and I have roomed in dorms together all four years of college and we couldn’t be happier! Each year was better than the last and our college memories are full of study sessions, making food, yoga, laughs, late nights, girl talk, watching movies, photo shoots and more.

Sooo.. if you want to get closer with your roommate or surprise them by being the best roomie ever, check out these tips that my roomie and I follow to ensure we stay happy throughout the years!

#1 Noise Check

Is your music too loud? Are you on the phone while your roomie is studying? Do you make a fuss in the mornings while your gal pal is still asleep? Check your noise levels and make sure you’re being considerate in such a small place.

#2 Stay Tidy

Pick up after yourself and don’t let your mess get too big because a messy roommate is definitely a pet peeve. The best policy is to clean up a little bit each day so you don’t have to worry about skipping a day or two during a busy week.

#3 Ask First

If you want to borrow something of your roommates always ask them first. Even if you think it is fine and they won’t care if you eat a granola bar, wear a shirt, or borrow a book, it is better to double check and show that you do not want to abuse their things or their privacy.

#4 Pay it Forward

Instead of not doing something, this tip is all about going the extra mile to show your roomie some kindness and love. The easiest way to pay it forward is doubling up on a task you are already doing. For example, when you are washing your dishes, clean theirs too! Or if your roomie is having a crazy week, make their bed, fold their laundry, or write them a sweet good luck note!

#5 Make Mems

Plan fun things to do together! Stay on campus and have a picnic or go on a walk. Or venture out to Pittsburgh for some off campus, city fun. Sometimes all you need to do is to get out of your little dorm and go exploring! Four years is a long time to make memories with your besties so set aside time to find your tribe and love them hard.

I hope this article inspires you to be extra grateful, make memories, and better yourself as a roomie and friend.