The Girl Boss Guide to Internships

This past summer I had my first professional internship experience. It was an amazing opportunity to be a part of a team and a big project! As an intern, I was able to apply different skills like marketing, communication, SAP, and problem solving that I gained from studying at Saint Vincent College. Throughout my internship, I challenged myself to learn as much as possible and reach out to others for career advice. I am sharing the 6 tips that helped me make the most of my internship so you can have a great one too!



#1 Be Confident

Be sure of yourself and your capabilities. You were chosen for this internship because you’re qualified and a good fit with the company culture so start acting like it. If you struggle to be confident and outgoing, prepare a constructed response that tells your coworkers what kind of worker you are, your past professional experiences, and your goals. Being prepared and confident will set you up for success from day one.


#2 Ask Questions

Don’t pretend to know something. Instead ask lots and lots of questions and actually learn. You’re not expected to know everything as an intern, but you are expected to make the most of this opportunity. Taking a few extra minutes to better understand the concept of project will allow you to work more effectively and contribute more to the team.


#3 Request More Work

Go above and beyond by asking for more work! Sometimes there may be slower days in the office and your supervisor may not have much to assign. However, be eager to work hard and take on new assignments to prove your determination to your boss. The more work you do, the more you will learn and take away from your internship.


#4 Network

Connect with professionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is used heavily in the business world so do not hesitate to build up your profile, connections, and posts during her internship. Add valuable content to your industry’s online community and stay in touch with coworkers after your internship ends. Often these are the people who can help you find job opportunities in the future!


#5 Dress the Part

Start off your internship by making a good impression. If you are unsure of the accepted dress code, always overdress instead of underdress. Make sure your closet is full of some classic business wear and business casual pieces. Talk with your career center if you have questions about how to look the part. Remember to break out your best pair of denim jeans for casual Fridays!


#6 Use All Resources

Utilize the information the company provides. Attend company events, read the website, follow company news, and talk to other departments. By exploring different opportunities within the company, you may discover a new interest or career path to pursue!



Good luck in your careers, girl bosses!