DIY Fall Dorm Crafts with Sam

First things first, HAPPY FALL aka the best season/time of the year! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for everything fall – the cool weather, the vibes, the activities, the candle scents, EVERYTHING.


So, to add to your list of favorite fall things -- some easy DIY dorm crafts to spice up your room! (No, I did not intend for a pumpkin spice reference) I tested these out on my own and have provided step by step instructions for your next craft night in 5 steps or less!


PS. I got all of my materials from Michaels, but you could pick up these supplies at your local Walmart or Target as well . . . let’s get started!


1. Fall Banner


- a bundle banner pack (includes the individual banners and string)

- orange, yellow, and brown felt sheets

- silver glitter glue

- hot glue gun (if you don’t have this, you could use a stapler as a substitute!)

- small command hooks



1. Grab 4 banners from your pack and space them out on the string for your liking and then cut the string for your desired length.

2. Once your banners are placed, cut out the letters in any particular color pattern that you like – make it your own!

3. Once you have your letters, place them in the center of the banner and hot glue/staple them to it.

4. OPTIONAL: To add the silver outline, simply take the silver glitter glue and trace the outside of the letters.

Once you have found where you want to place it (door or wall), place your command hooks and tie the string around them!



2. Wooden Door Tag


- a wooden ornament (any size or style will work!) - black paint (or chalk paint)

- white paint marker



1. Paint the inside of the wood circle black – this gives it a cool chalkboard affect or if you really want to be fancy, you can actually use chalkboard paint!

2. Using your white paint pen (or if you use the chalkboard paint, use chalk), carefully write out your room number in any way you like!

3. OPTIONAL: To get the cute design on top, simply draw a curved line (like you are making half a circle) and then act like you are drawing a heart, making the middle of it overlap with the line.

To hang these, use a small command hook and place on the front of your dorm door!



3. Pumpkin Initial Tag


- small circular, wooden ornament – the goal is to try and get a pumpkin effect

- orange paint

- white paint pen



1. Using the orange paint, paint the wooden circle – as you can see, some of the wood is still showing, if you like that look I suggest doing at least 2 coats, but you can go as dark or transparent as you like!

2. Once you are satisfied with the shade of orange for the pumpkin, use the white paint pen to add your first initial – if you can do the calligraphy style handwriting, go for it! If not, do not be discouraged, any handwriting style will work. . . use your creativity!

Like the wooden door tag, simply use a small command hook to hang you and your roomie’s tags on your door!



4. Wooden Block Sign


- wooden block

- orange paint (or any color of your choosing)

- white paint pen

- silver glitter glue

- OPTIONAL: rope for the sides



1. Paint the wood block with your desired color – you will probably need at least two coats!

2. With the white paint pen, write out the given saying or anything that makes you think about fall! (the options are endless)

3. To get the silver glitter glue accents, simply draw lines or add dots where you see fit or if you don’t want to, that’s ok too!

4. OPTIONAL: To add a little extra something to your block, you can hot glue some rope to the sides.

5. OPTIONAL: To get the most out of your block, you can double side it by adding another fall saying or get a jump start on Christmas décor (no judgement here)

This wood block is perfect for a desk accessory, as well as a part of a windowsill arrangement!



With these easy DIY crafts, now you’re really ready to welcome the Fall season! Grab some of your closest friends, your roomie, or have yourself a night by relaxing with some crafts – you’ll be the talk of your building!

Stay tuned for more step by step crafts in the coming seasons! In the meantime, have fun creating and HAPPY FALL!