DIY Christmas Dorm Crafts with Sam

Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner?! It wasn’t that long ago that I was writing my article on Fall crafts! With the holidays coming up and the semester almost over, there is not much time to have Christmas decorations in your dorm room (unless you started on November 1st of course). What better time to start than the free time you will have over Thanksgiving Break!

Here are 3 step-by- step simple crafts, which all together were under $20 and took less than an hour to put together!


1. Week Countdown Banner & Snowman Clothespin



  • green and red cardstock (1 sheet each will do!)
  • string to hang
  • silver glitter glue (optional – you can use whatever you would like for the numbers!)
  • black pen/marker
  • small command hooks



1. Cut the cardstock into a pennant shape – you should have 4 total, 2 green & 2 red, or however you would like to customize!

2. Once you have the individual pennants cut out, start by writing the word “weeks” (only one singular for the first week) towards the bottom, but leave room for the big numbers. You can use any font that you think fits best!

3. After that, use the glitter glue to put the numbers “1,2,3,4” on each – this will signify the number of weeks in December.

4. Let the glitter glue dry before hanging your new banner countdown on your door!


Snowman Clothespin


  • a clothespin
  • a white paint marker or just white paint
  • small orange cotton ball
  • string or ribbon for the scarf
  • black sharpie



1. Paint the clothespin white for the body of the snowman.

2. Once this dries, glue the small orange cotton ball towards the top of the clothespin – this will be the snowman’s nose!

3. Once you have the nose in place, make the eyes and bottoms with a black sharpie simply by making circles.

4. For the scarf, wrap your string or ribbon around the crease of the clothespin.

These two crafts work perfectly together, as your snowman clothespin will add a touch of fun to your countdown!


2. Christmas Present Tags with Names


  • I bought a pack of already cut out and decorated tags at Michael’s that made this craft super easy! – if you choose to make the tag yourself, just use cardstock to cut out the tag shape and decorate as you wish!
  • black pen
  • string (came with pack)
  • small command hook



1. Write “to: (your name)” on the tag to give an authentic present tag look!

2. Tie your string through the top hole and hang on a small command hook!

How easy was that?!


3. December Chalkboard Calendar


  •  a wooden stand from Michael’s
  • black chalk paint
  • “December” wood cut out
  • white paint
  • chalk
  • glue



1. Paint the front of the wooden stand with the black chalk paint – let this dry for 10-20 minutes.

2. Paint the remaining wood with white paint (bottom and the sides)

3. Once the black chalk paint dries, glue the “December” wood cut out to the bottom of the stand.

4. Once everything dries, you are good to start writing on the chalk paint with any piece of chalk – to erase, simply use water and scrub off the excess chalk!

As December goes on, be sure to keep up! With this DIY calendar, you will be ready to bring in the Christmas spirit!

Now that you have these 3 simple crafts to try, your dorm room will be on its way to be decorated with all things Christmas! Push through … the stress is almost over! Happy Holidays & Happy Decorating!