Calling All Seniors!

You’ve made it. It’s Senior Year! Let’s make the most of it.



My senior year started like this: One last drive with my family for move in day, rushing in to my new room to be welcomed by my best friend / roommate. It hit me. This was my last time moving in to college. By now I was a pro, packing less and less and setting up my side of the dorm in a day! The next morning I woke up to texts from my best friends congratulating “Happy First Last Day!!” One thing is for sure, a great group of friends is key to a memorable, exciting senior year.

College years fly by ever faster than high school and senior year is the polar opposite of “senioritis.” Now it’s a race to see who had the best internship, who already applied for big girl jobs, and who secured the best professional position post graduation. Everyone feels pressured to figure out the rest of their lives in a few months!

But it’s just the beginning of the year, don’t freak out if you are still questioning your future plans. Instead, utilize all of the resources at your school such as the career center, professors, advisors, job fairs, interview tips, and more. Getting prepared will calm your nerves and set you up for success in your career. The best part about setting your priorities straight is having more time and energy to allot to carefree senior activities! Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way and leave your options open for any professional ventures that may interest you. While balancing school, work, and your personal life, make sure you set aside time to just have fun!

Most importantly, surround yourself with supportive, positive people and plan to make memories that will last a lifetime. Some senior events you could plan include a bonfire, cookout, kickball game, bar hop, downtown trip, dance, anything to celebrate the good times. Just because this is your last year doesn’t mean you can’t try new things! Join a club just for fun, make a new friend, take a class as an elective, go outside of your comfort zone … you will not regret it!



~ How are you going to make the most of this year? We would love to hear some of the favorite memories you’ve made at Saint Vincent.