Bridget Fertal

Name: Bridget Fertal 

Hometown: Lancaster, PA 

Class: Junior 

Major: English with concentrations in creative writing and poetry, minor in marketing 


How did you choose your major? 

I have always loved to read, and English was my best school subject growing up. My sophomore year of high school, though, I had a teacher who really challenged me to read difficult literature and write more meticulously and passionately. In her class, I wrote my first poems and short stories, and was stunned by her positive reaction to my work. She has been one of my most valued mentors, and I still keep in touch with her. I truly credit her with my choice of major, as her affirmation of a field which is often looked down upon kept me from choosing something more “practical.” 


That’s awesome! What is your favorite thing about your program? 

The professors! The mentorship I have received from the English department during the past three years is why I feel I have become so active in the Saint Vincent community and beyond. In class and out, each of them has personally worked with me on my writing skills as well as with my search for internships and potential careers. 

I know you’ve had really great internship experiences. Tell us about them! 

This past summer, I held an editorial internship at the Pittsburgh Quarterly and a photography internship at the Northside Chronicle. I loved exploring the city of Pittsburgh with the other interns at the Northside Chronicle. Some of the places I took photos at were the Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Science Center, and the Northside Heritage Festival. My photography was featured on the publication’s front page as well as on their website, in addition to a few culture pieces I wrote for them about the restaurants and cafes in the area. Additionally, at the Pittsburgh Quarterly, I attended staff meetings and was asked to give input about writing and marketing ideas. Both these internships combined taught me more than the classroom ever could, and I have become even more passionate about writing and publishing because of these experiences. 



You’ve worked on The Review, our campus newspaper, for over a year. What it’s been like to go from a staff member to the Editor-in-Chief? 

My sophomore year, I applied and was accepted to be the copy editor for The Review. As a member of the press media, I attended the Arnold Palmer Memorial Service in the basilica with the editor-in-chief at the time, and went to the Associated College Press Conference in San Francisco over spring break. Both of these experiences made me want the editor role my junior year so that I could continue The Review’s legacy while improving our small newspaper into something that every student will care about and read. 

What’s it like to be the editor? 

There is never a day when I don’t work on something for The Review – whether its helping a staff writer with an article, planning an editorial, or working with one of the editorial staff members. Honestly, I couldn’t do it without our dedicated and intelligent staff; each writer contributes unique perspectives and topics, and the editorial board is made up of passionate individuals who are excellent at their jobs. From the people I have made friends with to the skills I have learned, being editor of The Review is one of the most fulfilling activities I have participated in while at Saint Vincent. 


What career do you want to pursue and why? 

Short term, I want to work in marketing. I enjoy internet marketing, copy writing, and public relations. Long term, I want to go to graduate school for creative writing and teach at the college level. Throughout my entire career, though, I plan to continue writing – especially poetry. I have two poems published in two different online literary magazines, Francis House and Panoply, and I plan to continue writing and publishing my work, no matter where my career takes me. 

When you’re not reading or writing, what are some of your hobbies and favorite things to do on campus? 

On the weekend, you can find me watching Netflix, reading a new book, or spending time with friends. Otherwise, I’m in The Review Office editing or in my room doing homework. One of my favorite things about life on campus is how welcome I feel among professors and faculty. In addition to The Review, I work in the Marketing and Communication Office, and I spend a lot of time in the English department working on Generation magazine or getting writing help. It’s the people I see every day on campus that have inspired me to work hard and pursue my dreams. 


Thanks for the interview, Bridget! HCXO!