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Be Healthy and Happy

Hey ladies!  I wrote my last article about exercising to avoid the daunting Freshman 15, but exercising along won’t solve all your problems (even though sometimes it feels like it does!)  A healthy diet is also required not only to keep off the pounds, but also to make you feel more energized, less tired, and super focused! 



Being lazy is easy.  As much as you want to just grab a few slices of pizza, a burger and fries, or another bowl of cereal, taking a little extra time to get creative can really make a difference.  It’s not always easy, so here’s some tips to help you out!



Instead of lathering a bagel in fattening cream cheese, try peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast.  I know Elvis would definitely approve!  Peanut butter and apples are another power-packed snack because the protein in the peanut butter will give you a great jumpstart to your day, and the fiber in the apple will keep you feeling full even through that agonizingly long class.  Peanut butter is good with celery and carrots too, even though I know ranch is always a crowd favorite.  Now if you’re just absolutely craving a waffle, just make a half or only a fourth!  Instead of syrup, opt for some bananas and strawberries!



Scrambled eggs just aren’t doing it for you anymore?  Put those eggs and a breakfast meat (bacon, ham, sausage) between some bread and BAM – you have a homemade McMuffin!  Who said the caf can’t be gourmet?



Move over diamonds because salads are a girl’s best friend!  The possibilities are endless at the salad bar.  Just take it easy on the dressing and croutons, and you’ll always have a healthy meal right at your fingertips.  Speaking of salads, why not make a fruit salad?  It’ll take a little bit of chopping, but it’ll be worth the effort.  Fruit, like grapes or berries, can be mixed with some yogurt, and hello fruit parfait!  Also, always choose real fruit over fruit juices.  Fruit juices contain unnecessary artificial sugars on top of the natural sugars already abundant in fruit.  Even if you’re stuffed, grab some fruit to go so you can have a healthy snack later, instead of raiding the vending machine. 



Don’t drink your calories!  Anything other than water is consumed too easily, and it won’t quench your thirst.  Water is crucial to a healthy diet because people often confuse hunger signals with slight dehydration.  Drinking water before a meal can also help you feel more full so you won’t eat as much.



If you do need to have pizza (because we all have those days), skip the toppings!  Plain cheese is plenty satisfying.  Also, if the only hot chicken available is fried, remove the skin, but try to stick to grilled meats.  Pass on the bread; you don’t need those extra carbs!  Instead, try wrapping any of your meats in lettuce.  It tastes better than it sounds; trust me.



    Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: desserts!  Make some trail mix out of various cereals, chocolate chips from the waffle bar or even goldfish from the salad bar!



    Don’t let this article freak you out.  You don’t need to give up any of your favorite foods, just have them in moderation.  Make rules for yourself like: I’ll only have dessert after I finish a paper or get an A on a test.  Everyone deserves to treat themselves sometimes!


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