Aladdin and APB

At the beginning of the semester, I had the opportunity to travel to Pittsburgh with Saint Vincent College’s very own Activities Programming Board (APB) to see Disney’s Aladdin at the Benedum Center. As a musical theater enthusiast, I was elated to have the opportunity. For just $35 a person (ticket and transportation included), my roommate and fellow HC member, Grace Alverson and I jumped at the chance to see a professional Broadway touring company perform the beloved Disney movie-turned-musical at such a discounted rate. I can safely say that spending that $35, even as a broke college student, is a decision I will never regret.


Reasons Aladdin is an incredible show you should see if you ever have the opportunity:

1. Who doesn’t love the original Disney movie?

The musical brings the movie to life before your very eyes, keeping the original, beloved story, and adds even more magical musical numbers and loveable characters.

2. The incredible cast

Do not let the fact that the show is not on Broadway scare you away. The touring cast is every bit as talented as any on-Broadway cast could ever be.


3. The visuals

From the moment the curtains opened my eyes were feasting upon a beautiful scene of endless colors. I was mesmerized by the thousands of crystals sewn onto Jasmine’s costumes, and the sets are works of art by themselves.


4. Special effects and surprises

The Genie and the flying carpet (yes, it actually flies) are just the beginning of the wonderful spectacles you will be treated to if you get the chance to see Aladdin. I will not risk spoiling any more surprises by writing any more, just know that you will be smiling for the entire performance.


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see Aladdin with my roommate, Grace, all thanks to APB. I am definitely going to check out more APB events this semester, and I encourage you to do the same. You never know what kind of fantastic experiences await you if you don’t give them a try. There could be a whole new world out there.