5 Ways to Recharge Over Christmas Break

It’s finally the end of the semester, and you’re so happy to be home. You’ve finished your term papers, given your final PowerPoint presentation, and completed your last exam. It’s been a week (and for some of us, even longer) filled with last minute cramming, page after page of study guides, and multiple packs of notecards. Now, it’s time for a whole month of rest and relaxation following your sleep deprived, caffeine filled finals week. Here are the best ways to recharge over Christmas break.

Catch up on sleep

College is hard. Most of us stay up late studying, get up early to finish homework, and barely remember to rest during the week. Sleep is so important for good health. The best way to reset your body over break is to catch some extra hours!

Spend time with your family

I can’t wait to spend a whole month with my family over break. We have some fun activities planned, and I’m ready for 4 whole weeks of amazing home cooked meals. Students rarely get to spend long periods of time with their families throughout the semester. Winter break, and especially the holidays, are a great opportunity to relax at home with your parents, siblings, and pets!

Hang out with friends

One of my favorite parts of Christmas break is that all of my old friends are home at the same time! Fall and Thanksgiving breaks are often too short to see everyone you want to. But a whole month? No excuses! Meet up for a yoga class, grab a cup of coffee, or spend an afternoon walking around town. It’s the best way to catch up on everything you’ve missed while you’ve been at school!

Spend a day taking care of yourself

Sometimes, you need to take a day for yourself. After the business of the semester and the craziness of finals week, we’re all left a little bit frazzled. Spend a day, an hour, or fifteen minutes taking care of yourself however you like to. Whether its by getting a fancy facial at a spa, or doing a DIY manicure, you will feel a million times better, I promise!

Take some time to plan for next semester

Though school is often the LAST thing you want to think about over break, spend some time prepping for next semester. Buy an academic planner for the new year, make an easy to read class schedule for the first few days, and buy your school supplies early. Feeling ready for the oncoming semester will help you feel less anxious as the last day of break gets closer and closer.


However you choose to recharge over over break, know that you worked hard all semester and that you deserve it!

 Have a Merry Christmas, Bearcats!