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StoLife: The Perks of Being a Fall Flower

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Hey everyone! Since fall is my favorite season, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favorite book, I thought I’d combine them to make a cheesy and not-so-relevant title. Listed below are 11 reasons why everyone should love fall. Enjoy!

  1. Reuniting and New Beginnings

Fall means back-to-school, which means a new year on the Hill! Now is the time to reunite with all of your friends, sip the Cage’s “drink of the month” in an adirondack chair and start a brand new school year full of countless opportunities! As fall fades away, don’t let the novelty of a new year go with it.  

2. Weather that not even Minnesotans complain about

Crisp mornings, sunny afternoons and the occasional rainy day is NOTHING to complain about! I’m talking to you, Minnesotans. Enjoy the weather optimism while you can. :)

3. Homecoming

UM YA YA! Homecoming is a time to show your school spirit, support the football team and show your parents around campus! Show your Ole pride and participate in all of the awesome Homecoming activities this year, October 3-5.  

4. Pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING

Fall is the time for all of us to become pumpkin connoisseurs. Find your favorite pumpkin-flavored good, whether it’s a latte, slice of pie, Pop-tart, ice cream or Pringles.  

5. Scarves and boots and sweaters; oh my! 

The fall weather is perfect for all of your cozy clothing that isn’t heavy duty enough for winter. Layer it up and embrace the warm autumn colors.

6. Crafts crafts crafts.

Pumpkin carving is at the top of my fall bucket list. Find the perfect pumpkin with your friends and have a carving contest. Additionally, pressing leaves and using contact paper to secure them can make a pretty nifty card or piece of art. :)  


7. Photogenic scenery that requires #nofilter

The colors of fall are too beautiful to only look at. Take a picture and Instagram it, because a picture lasts longer.  

8. The Fireside Apple Orchard

Northfield is home to an awesome apple orchard, which everyone should visit! If you can’t make it to the Fireside Orchard & Gardens, you can get the apples in the Caf or enjoy a cup of apple cider from The Cage.  

9. Candles 

Relax on the cool fall nights with some pumpkin candles and your current Netflix fave. There is no better way to procrastinate.  

10. An excuse to buy industrial-sized bags of your favorite candy…. 

It’s for the kids, right?

11. Halloween is one of the only acceptable times to wear cat ears in public… so I’ll take it.  

Have fun dressing up for Halloween and stay tuned for all of the on-campus events! 

I hope you can enjoy each and every one of these perks before we live in a snow globe. Happy Fall, Oles! Be grateful and stay warm.  

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