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Snapshot: Breaking Spring Ice

Let's just say, Spring Break felt more like Winter Break 2.0, but without Christmas. Over Spring Break, I was lucky enough to fly back home...

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10 Things All Caf Workers Understand

*None of the opinions expressed in this article are a reflection of Bon Appétit, its employees, or its partners. The opinions expressed...

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Music of the Week

This past week, my left earbud stopped working, which left me so so sad. Like many people, I love music. Without my earbuds, I feel like I...

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Snapshot: Midterms

An encouraging message found on a blackboard in a Regents study area. We made it through midterms guys! Happy spring break!

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Snapshot: Melting

I thought this little lake of melted snow in the middle of campus was really pretty! I also thought the blizzard that came the night after...

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Interim Adventures: China

This past January, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to China through St. Olaf's Asian Conversations program. In China, we stayed at...

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Snapshot: Hong Kong

This was a photo I took while on a ski-lift type contraption on my way to see Tian Tan Buddha. While in the lift, we went over this...

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Snapshot: Greece

I spent this January interim in Greece on a study abroad program called "Sacred Places in Greece". We traveled all across Greece visiting...

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Snapshot: Dessert

I am so ready for finals to be over so I can go home but I did really appreciate these adorable desserts from the caf! (Yes I did take...