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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

St. Olaf homecoming week has passed and the weekend is now coming to a close.  Looking back, assess your participation in the week’s activities. Did you properly display your Ole pride? Aside from seeing at least five students per class in a homecoming shirts and reading the St. Olaf Flirts from King of the Hill, sometimes it’s easy to mistake Homecoming week for any old 7-day succession of stress. If you did participate and want to see how much base you covered, OR you didn’t participate at all and want to see what you missed, read the list below of the staples of St. Olaf Homecoming. After reading, I hope you can answer the grammatically incorrect question (read in a Valley girl voice): did you even homecoming?!?

Step 1: Purchase a homecoming t-shirt and wear it throughout the week to avoid doing another load of laundry. Buy multiple colors to show your incredible pride and maximize your fashion sense.  

Step 2: Take a picture with Ole the Lion. He’s at the football game, he’s in Buntrock, he’s everywhere. If you didn’t take a photo with him, homecoming may not have even happened… 

Step 3: Have a meal while the caf is crowded with an overwhelming amount of parents. These parents may or may not have nametags, St. Olaf Mom sweatshirts, and the typical “I’VE MISSED MY KID SO MUCH” smiles plastered on their faces. They have no idea where they’re going in the caf and it is madness. 

Step 4: Go to the football game. Get a free mug. Leave before halftime. Trust me on this, it’s tradition. 

Step 5: Awkwardly hug your friend’s parents. Make them become friends with your parents. And on the topic of family, try not to fill the ‘rents in on all of your drunken mishaps as they drill you about your first month back on the Hill. 

Step 6: Stalk all of the King of the Hill candidates via Facebook to better understand their name, relationship status, hobbies, birthday, hopes and dreams, etc. 

Step 7: Attend the bookstore sale where everything claims to be significantly discounted. Buy more unnecessary t-shirts that say something about Um Ya Ya or Norway. PRIDE. 

Did you do at least one of the seven steps? If so, you’re on your way to becoming a true Ole.

(Please account for the sarcasm dripping from this article: do homecoming however you want.)  

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