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StO-Style: Professional Styles Fit for a Fashionista

Hello fashionistas!

Spring is finally upon us, which means that summer interviews and internships are on our minds. While dressing for this professional occasion, you want to look both stunning and fashionable. So, flaunt your fashion sense with these stylish must-have internship and summer job options!


Wearing a blazer is the classic means to achieving a professional, yet fashionable, look. A flattering length for a blazer will reach the pockets of your pants. The shoulders should be fitted but not pull at your shoulders or make it difficult to move your arms. Make sure you can easily fit a light blouse under your blazer so it is not too bunchy in the sleeves. 

Color-wise, look for a blazer in a neutral tone – think black, heather-gray, cream, navy or blush. These colors will be the easiest to match with other pieces and are very versatile. Also, look for a blazer that will easily transition into other seasons. Think about the weight of the fabric when you choose a blazer. 

Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt is very fashionable and versatile. Look for a simple pencil skirt, probably in a neutral tone. Your pencil skirt should be cut just above the knees – any longer may shorten the look of your legs, and any shorter may lose the professional-vibe. Fabric is also important. The material should allow you to sit and walk easily, so look for a pencil skirt with a little bit of stretch to keep you comfortable throughout the day! 

For fun, pick out a bright colored pencil skirt! Orange is a hot color for spring, so find a shade that’s best for you! If you want to be even more bold, try a patterned pencil skirt! Though it is patterned, it can still pair well with a plain blazer or a patterned blouse of the same color tone. 


Business pants can still be stylish if you find the right fit and fabric. For the most flattering pant, look for a fitted style – but not too tight! Think about a pant with a front pleat or a cropped style to open up the option for a variety of footwear. Again, look for a neutral color so you can spice-up your look with a colorful top. Think black, dark gray, navy or khaki. 



Blouse-wise, the most classic option is white. A white button-down will always be in style! However, if you want to spice it up a little bit, find a fun print or a very feminine style. Your blouse should have the right amount of coverage as well so you stay looking professional. Be sure to try on your blouse before you buy to make sure that it doesn’t shift in any unwanted ways. Have fun choosing a blouse! This is the area of the professional outfit with the widest array of possibilities to show your personal style! 

Statement Accessories

Accessories are also a great way to display your personal style! When choosing accessories, remember to think about how easy they will be to wear for a day on the job. Does your bracelet snag on things? Does your hair keep getting tangled in your necklace? These are simple but valuable things to consider when picking out accessories! Here are some ways to add visual interest to your professional look: 

  • Watch – Think bold, but easy to read. Try to avoid too many sparkles or patterns, and stick with a classic gold or silver. 
  • Belt – Play around with your options! Look for a subtle print, like leopard, or a bright color for spring, like coral, red, yellow or royal blue! 
  • Necklace – Think statement necklace when choosing for a professional look. A statement necklace will add visual interest to your look, and it will tie your outfit together. 
  • Heels/Flats – The style of shoe you should choose really does depend on what you will be doing all day. We all know that wearing heels for hours on end is absolutely no fun. However, there is a time and place for heels in a professional setting. For an interview, for example, you will likely only be on your feet for a little while. However, choose a more comfortable flat if you will be on your feet all day! Try a neutral, print, or bright colored flat or a neutral heel. 

With the right professional outfit, you will feel confident and beautiful while starting your job, internship, or being interviewed! Keep these ideas in mind when choosing a professional outfit! 

Stay fashionable, Oles!

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Kate Roy is a junior, Psychology and Dance double major at St. Olaf College. As one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus St. Olaf, she enjoys writing, editing, and helping her fellow Oles get their voices heard. Kate is involved in CompanyDance, the modern dance company at St. Olaf. In her free time, Kate loves to spend time with friends, listen to music, browse Her Campus, flip through fashion magazines, and eat chocolate.  Kate is a fashionista and has a passion for all things dealing with fashion. She works at Madewell, and enjoys getting experience in the fashion world. Kate headed the Her Campus St. Olaf College style blog, StO-Style (now Snapshot), for the 2013-2014 school year. She loved this position and hopes to continue her fashion writing in the future. Kate is extrememly excited to share the position of Campus Correspondent for the 2014-2015 school year and expand her involvement with St. Olaf's Her Campus Chapter. 
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