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Ole Thoughts: A Letter To My JC’s

Dear Grace and Louise, 


After graduating high school, the idea of being a student at a college that was the size of my hometown gave me nightmares. Thoughts like “Will I fit in with the people here?”, “Am I smart enough to live amongst these students?”, and even “What if my roommate hates me and I make no friends at St. Olaf?” were racing through my mind, making me nervous for move in day. When the time came to spend my first night at St. Olaf,  all of my college worries went away.

Though the weather was scorching hot on move in day, your smiles and positive attitudes kept my family and I excited and worry free. At our first corridor meeting, nearly all of the members of 3-Mid got along so well and you helped us all realize that everyone was in the same boat when it came to the nervous feelings about starting college. Everyone in our corridor stayed in your room long past our scheduled corridor meeting telling stories, asking for advice, following each other on social media, and bonding over shared passions. 

Fast forward eight months later and 3-Mid has had so many amazing moments! From watching an entire season of MasterChef Junior..

…doing amazing henna nights…

…decking our hall for Christmas with homemade decorations…

…watching creepy episodes of Catfish…

…failing miserably at intramural broomball (but having a hell of a good time)…

…having a not-so-classy tea party with dresses and chicken wings…

…seeing Amy Schumer live…

…made too many jokes about yogurt.

 You have been there for all of us providing us amazing school advice, talks on relationships, heated rants, hilarious stories, and endless fun. Though the end of the year is right around the corner, I speak on behalf of 3-Mid thanking you both for all that you’ve done. You’ve truly made 3-Mid’s first year at college memorable and unforgettable.

Thank you for changing our lives.




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