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Mm Ya Ya: Spring Lingerie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

The spring catwalks and store displays are awash in new styles that offer us more freedom and the ability to once again show a little leg! As the anticipation of warmer weather and the anticipation of a break create feelings of romance and lust on campus, it is also a perfect time to buy new lingerie. Understandably, lingerie shopping can be a little intimidating and many girls stick to their usual VS or Aerie bras, but shaking things up is exciting for us and for others! This year, the retro/boudoir styles are finding their way back into our delicates drawer.

The Balconette Bra

This bra style only covers about half the bust but never compromises support. They are great to wear with low cut shirts and perfectly show off cleavage and the décolletage. This simple, comfortable bra looks great with lace and certainly makes a statement.

The Bodysuit

A camisole, bra and pantie combined into one piece. In lace or sheer mesh, these seamless pieces make a bold boudoir statement.  Pair with hold-up stockings for an irresistible look. Soft pastels or navy blue are a great alternative to black and are great for spring.

The Bustier

This undergarment is boned and close-fitting, much like a corset. It is almost always hooked and laced, beginning near the bust and finishing at the waist. This classic piece offers a lovely contour, and let’s face it – who wouldn’t feel unstoppable in one! This year, softer lace styles with delicate finishes are in.

The Girdle

Short, hip-hugging skirts that sit on or above the waist and finish just below the bottom. Girdles offer a shape-enhancing look. The higher waists are making a comeback and create an incredibly flattering and classic line. This retro look is often fitted with flashes, which suspend stockings. These are definitely not your grandmother’s girdles!

The Suspender Belt

Worn over panties just on the waist or low on the hips, a suspender belt is fitted with flashes to hold up sexy stockings.

The Short-style Brief

This fuller-coverage panty lets us tap into our tomboy side! Lace versions are sexy alternatives to thongs and briefs. They look great paired with a suspender belt and are a versatile separate.

Branch out this spring and scoop up a few of these sexy options to sport in the bedroom!

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