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Meet Ben Swenson-Klatt, Class of 2016!

Meet Ben Swenson-Klatt, Class of 2016!

What are your majors/ concentrations? Dance and Theater with a Women’s and Gender Studies concentration.

Where are you living this year? Off Campus!

How are you involved on campus? Active in both the dance and theater departments. Event Coordinator for Ole Thrift Shop. Member of the Blue Key Honor Society. Inclusivity Advocate.

What is the best thing you’ve learned during your time at Olaf? There is a much bigger world out there and I know a lot less than I think I do.
What do you plan to do following graduation? Moving back to the Twin Cities to begin performing in the arts.
Favorite Prof?. Either Jeanne Willcoxon or Rebecca Richards. They are both so intelligent and invested in what they do. I am always excited to go to their classes.
Celeb crush? Ryan Gosling or Natalie Portman
If you could name one person at Olaf to be a future president of the US of A, who would it be and why? I think my friend Brittany would make a good president. She would whip this country into shape.
Any advice to the younger students? Get to know someone different than you. You will be surprised how little you know about the world.
Have you studied abroad, If so where? I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa spring of my junior year.
Favorite Class at St. Olaf and why? Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies with Rebecca Richards. She is hands down one of the best professors on campus and it was such a gift to walk into class each day and have really engaging discussions. 
Where is your favorite place on campus? Anywhere I can take a nap!
Bowl or plate? Whichever one I can carry more of!
Photos used with permission from Ben.


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