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20 Jesse McCartney Facts to Prep You For Oct. 7th


  1. Jesse loves to listen to James Taylor and John Mayer. (Please do an acoustic cover of “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” please & thank you.)

  2. His favorite TV show is Friends.

  3. He likes his coffee with one cream and two sugars.

  4. Jesse wears a size 9 in shoes. (Should we get him some crocs?)

  5. Jesse can play the piano AND the saxophone.

  6. He hates it when people file their nails.

  7. The first CD that he ever bought was TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool.

  8. He prefers dogs over cats.

  9. Jesse hates the dark and sleeps with a small light on.

  10. Jesse said that he likes to “get in his underwear, hang out in the living room, and shake his booty” to the song “Single Ladies.”

  11. Jesse’s celebrity crush is Katy Perry. When she was engaged to Russell Brand in 2010, Jesse even said that he will plot their divorce so that they can be together. (Update: Katy is no longer engaged, and is not with Jesse McCartney.)

  12. Jesse’s favorite song to sing in the shower is “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. When asked his reasoning, he said “…because I’m naked. The song can only be sung (pause) when you’re in the shower (pause) naked.”

  13. Jesse loves his sushi and sake.

  14. When Jesse was 10 years old he joined the cast of The King & I. His stage acting career also brought him roles in Oliver, A Christmas Carol and Salute to Broadway.

  15. Jesse collaborated with Ryan Tedder, lead singer of One Republic, to write the most ICONIC SONG OF ALL TIME, “Bleeding Love,” sung by Leona Lewis, winner of the third season of the British television show The X Factor. The song went on to hit the #1 spot in 35 countries.

  16. Jesse was originally going to play Sebastian in the Amanda Bynes film, She’s The Man, but had to pull out for prior commitments.

  17. Jesse McCartney has been dating actress and model, Katie Peterson, for the past four years.

  18. Jesse McCartney is an ARIES. (His birthday is April 9th, 1987.)

  19. Jesse has two middle names, Abraham and Arthur.

  20. Jesse McCartney is performing a sold out show at St. Olaf College on October 7th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.


Study up, Oles. JMac will be here in a blink of an eye.










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