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Why Mid-Semester Break Was Necessary For Our Sanity

As mid-semester break approaches, most college students are antsy to get off campus. School-work is piled high and stress levels are even higher. Having a fun and relaxing break can really revive a student and prepare them for the second half of the semester. Now returning, these are the reasons you realize you might have never survived the rest of the semester without a break.

It was a chance to eat good, healthy, non-dining hall food – All students experience the longing for home cooked meals or healthy non-dining hall food. Mid-semester break is always helpful in getting your fill of refreshing food and favorite meals that you miss at school.

It was an opportunity to catch-up on sleep – For some people, sleeping is the main activity of break. You don’t have to worry about being up for classes or getting up early to finish your homework, so you could take the time to get some sleep and return to campus not as sleep deprived as you were when you left.

There was pet revival therapy time – Whether you have a cat, dog, or another kind of pet, going home or visiting somewhere with pets can do wonders for animal lovers. Coming back to campus you’re emotions are stabler thanks to some pet therapy time.

There was a change up of study spaces and new motivation – We all get trapped in the same study routines and places at school. Getting away from campus allows us to refocus our studying and get things done in a refreshing environment.

There was time spent bonding with family and friends – Family or friend bonding is necessary to refresh your life. Break was a time to get some love and bonding from the people you miss and love. It’s always nice to come home and see family or friends to settle your mind and reset your life.

It cleared your mind of stress for the weekend – Getting away and not worrying about the daily stress of college life was nice. The change it atmosphere relieved some stress and now that students are back on campus, they might be a little more ready to tackle the tasks ahead.

(Photos: Alexx Nawrocki)

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