St. Law U's Self-Care Saturday: Our Favorite Face Masks!

Happy Self-Care Saturday!


Her Campus at St. Law U is going to start bringing you content on the weekends! We are stoked to start this Saturday by bringing you an article all about our favorite face masks (not to be confused with the masks for preventing COVID-19). The members of HC St Law U have compiled a list of our favorite face masks!

  1. 1. Bioré Pore Strips

    Member Hannah Spaeth ('23) is a huge fan of Bioré's pore strips! They're super simple to use and they’re great for a quick 10-minute face mask.

  2. 2. Azure Lux - 24k Gold Sparkling Peel-Off Mask

    Our Marketing and Publicity Director, Syd Giacin ('21), recommends the Azure Peel-Off Mask (available at QVC)! Syd loves it because, not only did she receive it as a gift from her mom, but “it’s nice and shiny and gold, but peeling it off is fun and it makes my skin so smooth!”

  3. 3. MediHeal Sheet Masks

    Member Amelia Pape ('22) recommends these masks because “they make your skin so soft and clean and glowy! I especially love the w.h.p. Brightening and hydrating and the pore detox oxygenating bubble mask. SO fun!”

  4. 4. Youth to the People Clay Masks

    Member Claire Wergin's ('22) favorite masks are the clay masks by Youth to the People!

  5. 5. Lush Mask of Manaminty

    Member, Moira Hogan ('22) recommends this face mask for people who have sensitive skin. She loves it because it has "light exfoliation, feels refreshing and smells good!"

  6. 6. BeautyCounter Charcoal Face Masks

    Member Julia DellaRusso ('21) recommends BeautyCounter's charcoal face masks!

  7. 7. Earth to Skin Avocado Overnight Mask

    Member MaryElizabeth Royce ('21) recommends Earth to Skin's Avocado overnight mask because it's "super cheap and makes you wake up feeling fresh, hydrated, and ready to conquer!"

What is your favorite face mask? Have you tried any of these masks? Let us know by sending us a DM!


Disclaimer: HC St. Law U is neither sponsored by nor affiliated with any of the brands or companies mentioned in this article.

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