Self-Care Saturday: St. Law U Spotify Playlist

For this Self-Care Saturday and National Mental Health Day, members from Her Campus at St. Law U shared their favorite playlists on Spotify (and Apple Music if there is an alternative available!)

  1. This playlist is an essential playlist for those who don't like to listen to the radio, but are curious about the top music hits!


    (Apple Music Version)

  2. Member Lauren Donohue ('21) recommends this playlist for those who enjoy looking for "underappreciated but massively talented artists"!

  3. Member Catherine Weeks ('24) recommends this playlist for when you want music to really vibe to!

  4. Member Anna Gates ('24) recommends this playlist for when you want to change up your workout playlist and have a good beat to listen to.

  5. Member Emma Zupan ('22) recommends this playlist from Spotify for "all the vibes. all the feels."

  6. Campus Correspondent Allie Attarian ('21) and Member Emma Zupan ('22) recommend this playlist for when you want to relax and enjoy some new calming music.

  7. Member Abby Williams ('23) recommends this playlist for country music hits!

  8. Member Valeria Obregon ('24) recommends this playlist because "they are all in Spanish and I think it is really cool as a workout playlist or if you want something to hype you up!"

  9. Member Katie Reid ('22) recommends this playlist.

  10. Member Hannah Spaeth ('23) recommends this playlist for an awesome girl's night!

We hope you enjoy these playlists during your next self-care session!

On behalf of Her Campus at St. Law U, I want you all to know that you are cared for. We care.


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