Self-Care Saturday: Favorite Nail Polish

Happy Self-Care Saturday! We are so excited to bring you our favorite nail polishes!

  1. 1. Essie's "Go Ginza"

    Our Social Media Director Beth Heffernan (‘21) recommends this color as it is her favorite color right now!

  2. 2. Essie's "Stitch By Stitch"

    Our Senior Editor Claudia Fradette (‘21) says this color will always be her favorite!

  3. 3. Essie's "The Fuchsia is Bright"

    Member Hannah Spaeth (‘22) recommends this because it is her current go-to color!

  4. 4. Essie's Off Tropic

    Member Joan Kiely (‘23) recommends this color if you want to add in a beautiful green to your collection!

  5. 5. Essie's "Mid Day Mocha"

    Member Claire Wergin (‘22) recommends this color as an essential for the Fall season!

  6. 6. Essie's "Fine Me An Oasis"

    Member Julia DellaRusso (‘21) recommends this beautiful blue color for your collection!

  7. 7. Essie's "Peak Show"

    Member Julia DellaRusso (‘21) recommends this beautiful pink color for your collection!

  8. 8. Essie's "Figi"

    Member Julia DellaRusso (‘21) reminds us how important a beautiful pink is for our collection!

  9. 9. Essie's "Mind Candy Apple"

    Member Julia DellaRusso (‘21) recommends another gorgeous blue for our collection!

  10. 10. Essie's Blanc (White)

    Member Julia DellaRusso (‘21) provides us our classic white polish for our collection!

  11. 11. Essie's Watermelon

    Campus Correspondent Allie Attarian (‘21) loves this color for the darker pink and lighter red. It’s a beautiful color for Spring and Summer!

  12. 12. Essie's Bikini So Teeny

    Campus Correspondent Allie Attarian (‘21) obsessed over this color this past summer!

  13. 13. Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Nail Color

    Member Anna Gates (‘24) is a huge advocate for the Insta-Dri collection by Sally Hansen because “it’s a fairly good price and it definitely dries well and they always have great colors.”

  14. 14. Vinyl Lux's Cake Pop

    Our Marketing and Planning Director Syd Giacin (‘21) recommends Vinyl Lux’s polish because “it doesn’t chip as easily, and this color is great for the spring and summer seasons!”

Disclaimer: Her Campus St. Law U is neither sponsored by nor affiliated with the brands and companies mentioned in this article.

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