Proving The World Is Still A Good Place

It is an unfortunate reality that, recently, in the United States, as well as across the world, there have been extreme acts of terrorism and tragedy. These acts are certainly not to go unnoticed, and we should mourn the losses of the many innocent people who have lost their lives far too soon. However, getting caught up in the news that never seems to end can become overwhelming and depressing very quickly. In light of this, here are some little things to make you smile if you are in need of a pick-me-up or a restoration of faith in good people.

1. A man from British Columbia encountered a family of black bears in his backyard. His dog was barking, so he went to go check out what was going on when he saw the bears. After seeing them, he politely asked them if they could leave, saying, “I hope you enjoyed my yard, have a good day.”


2. California has officially become the first state to ban the sale of non-rescue animals in pet stores. It is their effort in combating puppy mills, so now all animals in the pet shop windows will be from a shelter.

3. While a couple was getting their wedding photos taken in Kitchener, Ontario, the groom noticed a child struggling to swim in the nearby river, and dove in without thinking twice to save him. The wedding photographer caught a couple pictures of the scene.

4. A Vegas shooting survivor was saved by a Marine she had met only hours prior: "Brendan and I met only 2 hours before the Jason Aldean show. I left my friends so we could go up super close to the front for the end of the concert. We were just dancing and having fun and then all of the sudden there were loud noises that sounded like fireworks, but no lights were going off. Before I knew what was going on, Brendan tackled me down to the ground and covered me from the fire. He looked at me and said 'We have to get out of here. We can't stay here. It's not safe.' Then he pulled my arm up to get me out of the piles of people. We had no idea who was dead or who was alive. We just started to run. He kept telling me it was going to be okay and to keep running until we were safe. He even let me use his phone to stay in touch with my sister so she knew I was safe, which is the text you'll see. The whole night he didn't leave my side."


5. Finally, here are a few gifs of puppies just to make you smile.

(Photos: courtesy of ABC news and Jordan Cote’s Facebook page,, Hatt Photography, and