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My Skincare Routine

This past summer, I got extremely into skincare. I struggled with skin complications throughout high school, so the thought of actually enjoying my skincare routine seemed almost impossible. If anything, taking care of my skin felt like a chore, instead of something that made me feel good. However, I have turned a new leaf and have come to absolutely adore cleansing my face every morning and night. With this newfound love, I have discovered so many life-changing products that have completely transformed my skin. My hope is that you will be inspired to try out these products too and love taking care of your skin too!

The Ordinary

The Ordinary is a fantastic brand that offers products at an extremely reasonable price because they invest in the quality of their serums instead of their packaging. I highly recommend their Hyaluronic Acid serum, along with their “Buffet” serum that is targeted for anti-aging. I know I may sound crazy to be concerned about aging, but I believe it is all preventative, so it is never too early to start!

Glad Glow Moisturetrip Omega-Rich Moisturizer

I have always been a fan of Glam Glow because of their fun packaging and products (especially their metallic face masks if you know the ones I am referring to!). I was really excited to try this moisturizer, especially because I have never really explored the brand's facial moisturizers. Ever since the very first time I used this product, I have been in love! Not only is it incredibly moisturizing, but it is also super light, so it feels like you have no product on your skin. It also leaves my complexion super glowy and bright, which I am always searching for in a daily moisturizer. Such a great product!

Glam Glow Brightening Eye Cream

This is yet another Glam Glow product that I believe deserves an honorable mention! I am someone who loves eye creams, especially because I struggle with the appearance of undereye dark circles. So, I tend to be picky about eye creams and how they feel on my skin. This product is absolutely perfect not only for its brightening qualities but also because of how perfectly thick but light the product is. I always feel so much more alive after applying this cream to my under-eyes, knowing how much brighter my complexion is following its application.

Dr. Brandt Mattifying Hydrator Pore Minimizing Gel

This product is honestly a lifesaver! I have always struggled with visible pores and finding ways to minimize them as much as possible, and this product actually really works! The gel is a blue, thick, beady-looking liquid that seeps into your skin and provides a shield to conceal any noticeable pores. This is the first product I apply to my skin every day, and I swear I have noticed a HUGE difference. Will definitely be repurchasing in the future!

111Skin NAC Y2 Pollution Defense Booster

This is probably one of the coolest skincare products I have in my collection. Every morning, I mix this serum with my Glam Glow Moisturetrip Omega-Rich Moisturizer. This product is meant to protect your skin from the harmful effects of today’s technology, such as blue light pollution, using peptide and antioxidant properties to fight the ramifications. I cannot say I am confident about if the product is working or not, but it makes me feel great knowing I am using products that are shielding my skin from any harmful technologies I encounter throughout my day.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I am absolutely obsessed with this lip mask! Not only does it smell amazing, but it deeply conditions your lips and leaves you with the smoothest texture ever. I’ve only tried the pink version, but I know people love the other options too. Also, although this product is on the pricier side, it lasts forever, and I do not say that lightly. Initially, I only owned the travel size, and it lasted me for about a year. Considering I use it just about every night, I would say it is totally worth the investment.

Murad Resurgence Rapid Collagen Infusion

I tend to gravitate to this moisturizer at night because of collagen’s anti-aging properties. This product sits so lightly on your skin and leaves you with the smoothest texture. I usually like to pair any anti-aging serum I have on deck with this product. When I do this, I wake up with the most beautiful complexion ever. Cannot compliment this one enough! Probably one of my favorite moisturizers I have ever encountered.

I know the skincare routines I have incorporated into my daily lifestyle may sound a bit extreme, but this habitual cycle has become so imperative to my outlook on my day and how I feel about myself. It gives me so much confidence knowing I am taking good care of my skin and protecting it from any future damage. This is not to say I claim to be a skincare geru of any sort, but I do think I have learned enough and know a thing or two about how to maintain a robust, beneficial skincare procedure. I hope my nerdy rant has inspired you to try these products yourself and see why I love them all so much!


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