My Favorite YouTubers

I have always had difficulty committing to TV shows and am usually not in the mood to watch an entire film when trying to unwind. Therefore, I usually resort to YouTube videos, especially because they are typically short and I can choose whatever I am in the mood for. I have been watching YouTube since middle school, so I would like to claim to be generally well-versed on the topic. I am going to talk a bit about my most favorite YouTubers and some of the content I suggest you try checking out.


Trisha Paytas

Although Trisha Paytas is considered a controversial YouTube star, I absolutely adore her. Although her brand has greatly developed throughout the years, I have remained loyal to her YouTube videos since my teenage years. Not only is Trisha consistent with content, but her videos are a mix of sarcasm and realness, which I really appreciate. Trisha has a main YouTube channel and a vlog channel, but honestly, they are both pretty similar. My favorite Trisha videos are her car vlogs. In these clips, whether it's her going through a drive-thru or running around doing errands, Trisha exposes honest, authentic character, which I really admire. She also omits editing her videos, so they include all of the “bloopers” most content creators cut out. On a surface level, I think a lot of viewers would make assumptions about Trisha, but I promise, as a long-time, committed watcher, she is an incredible person and has the best intentions. I love watching Trisha’s videos before going to bed, more specifically her vlog-style videos, because they serve as the perfect relaxation tool. If you have heard of Trisha before and resisted the urge to check her content out, I highly recommend you give her another shot! She is truly one-of-a-kind!


Maggie McDonald

Maggie McDonald is a content creator living in Boston, Massachusetts, who a friend recommended that I watch. I gravitated to Maggie’s videos because just like her, I reside in the Boston area, and I was also attracted to her style. Maggie has a sister named Emma who has her own YouTube channel too, but their videos are pretty similar, so I prefer to watch just one of their channels. The two are basically inseparable, but I relate to Maggie a lot more. The majority of her videos are vlog-style and document her day-to-day life which is weirdly satisfying. Maggie pay’s a lot of attention to detail and ensures that all of the images she captures are aesthetically pleasing, whereas Trisha’s videos lack this expertise. Maggie shares details about what she’s been loving at the moment, including fashion tips, workout routines, and she often incorporates healthy recipe ideas. Her videos are really relaxing for me because Maggie is big on radiating positivity and inspires me to live in the moment. Even if you are not familiar with Maggie’s Boston lifestyle, her videos are still super entertaining and quite honestly borderline addicting.

Jaclyn Forbes

Jaclyn Forbes is similar to Maggie in that she is a young twenty-something living in a big city. However, Jaclyn resides in Canada, which differentiates her content a bit too. Jaclyn also started her YouTube channel out as a makeup artist, creating insane looks to exhibit her talent. However, now that her channel has expanded, Jaclyn has become more focused on her vegan lifestyle and daily routine. Similar to Maggie, I really love Jaclyn’s film aesthetic. She is also a super positive presence and encourages me to lead a more fulfilling lifestyle. However, what I really like about Jaclyn is that she is incredibly calm and emboldens her viewers to be easy on themselves. I also really love Jaclyn’s vegan-inspired videos, even though I am not a vegan myself, but they motivate me to prepare meals for myself in a realistic but wholesome fashion. Jaclyn is a pragmatic person and helps to remind me to move at my own pace in life.


SNL Clips

SNL has remained my favorite television show for as long as I can remember. Although SNL does not technically count as a YouTube content creator, they do have a channel where they post the majority of the bits from their weekly episodes. Since I almost always miss the live shows, I resort to SNL’s YouTube channel to catch up. Although some weeks are a hit or a miss, I am a fairly consistent viewer and will continue to be for however long the show lasts. I especially recommend watching these clips right now because of the absolutely hilarious political bits the cast is performing. Trust me - you won’t be disappointed. 


Although this is just a condensed list of all the YouTubers I watch on a regular basis, these are the videos I can always count on to keep me entertained. So, if you are struggling to stick with a TV series and are not ready to sit down through a whole movie, these are a few great content creators that are sure to keep you entertained. I hope you like them too!


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