How To Have a Happy Hump Day

Do you have a hard time getting through Wednesday? Or maybe there’s another day during the week, where you feel you’ve hit a slump and time seems to go by pretty slowly. Each day of the week is a new opportunity for something good to happen, so remind yourself to stay happy and positive in small ways to help your day improve- if you are enjoying the day, it is much more likely that it will go by fast! Here are a few smaller ways to make the most of your hump day:

1. Drink tea instead of coffee

I am an avid coffee drinker, and when I feel like I am slowing down I’ll usually reach for another (or 2 more) cups than usual. However, grabbing coffee or even a soda will give you a short burst of energy but will also give you jitters, make you more irritable, and make it harder to fall asleep at night. Try black or green tea instead, as it will give you a good boost of energy but will also provide you with brain-pumping flavinoids and an amino acid that will relax you a little bit without making you drowsy!

2. Sit in the front row

It is easy to zone out in class and to be focused on the clock on the wall if you sit in the back or on the sides of the classroom. Time will pass by much faster if you are immersed in what is being taught and when the professor is right in front of you, so try picking a seat a little closer to stay engaged!

3. Make sure to take notes

Writing things down is a great way to stay focused and to keep your attention on what the professor is saying. If you need some motivation to do it, just know that even doodling can you help you focus on what’s going on around you as well. As long as you are sticking the pen to the paper, you’re good!

4. Smart eating

Eating right throughout the entire day is crucial. If you find yourself unfocused, try eating blueberries! Studies show that they open up blood vessels and get your blood pumping, which will help with your concentration. In addition, make sure to choose your lunch wisely. Nothing will slow you down or give you that ‘slump’ feeling more than something greasy or carb-loaded. To maintain a good stream of energy, try choosing foods high in protein, fiber, and nitrates (leafy greens, like spinach), such as a whole wheat wrap with chicken and vegetables (you could add hummus to this too!).

5. Walk it off

If you feel your day is moving pretty slowly, get up and walk to the bathroom during class, or take the long route to class if you have the time. When your feet hit the ground, pressure waves are sent through your arteries, which boosts blood flow to your brain, making you feel more alert!

   Credits (Seventeen, Pinterest,