How to Balance Productivity and Self-Care During the Weekend

The week days are filled to the brim with classes, work, group projects and club and organization commitments! By the time the weekend arrives the idea of trying to balance productivity, self-care and fun can seem like an almost impossible task! Here are some ways to help you make the most of your weekend days:

1. Wake up early but slowly:  drink coffee while still in bed checking all your social media so you don’t have to think about your phone when you start getting some work done.


2. Make your bed before you leave the room for your morning shower or to brush your teeth so that you have already achieved something before your day actually begins.

3. Write in a journal what went right for you the past week and what you can do better the next (reflection and improvement is the key to success!).

4. Start with a to-do list, but make it fun! Say for example, I will study for 2 hours and then take a yoga break for 30 minutes, or I will do a face mask and paint my nails. This way you will have more endurance for the entire day, and you can easily balance productivity and self-care. In addition, make sure you are only working on one ‘to-do’ item at a time.


5. Have fun at night but not to the point where you are exhausted the next day and cannot get anything done. Have a movie night with your girls or do a karaoke night, but try to go to sleep early.

6. Don’t forget to catch up with family and friends and stay in touch with people you love, because they are the ones who will keep you motivated when you are feeling down.