Fun Things To Do In The Warm Weather

It is finally warming up outside! With only a few weeks left of school it is a great time to explore campus and take advantage of the warm weather.  

1. Take a walk down the Avenue Of the Elms!  

The avenue of the elms is located right behind the suites on campus. The path runs through the center of the golf course and is lined with beautiful elm trees. You can follow it all the way down to the main road or follow the gravel path which leads you by the stables and then to a huge grassy field.  

2. Sit on the main quad!

(Taken by Natalie Herwood ‘20)

The quad is a great place to sit, hang out, and soak up the sun during the springtime. It is an awesome location to have a picnic with your friends. There are usually a lot games to watch or join in to. The ultimate frisbee team usually practices there, which is very fun to watch. People also bring spike ball nets and you can often participate in a yoga class right on the quad stairs!

3. Use the Whitman Grill.


Whitman grill is a great place for an afternoon barbecue. Bring some hamburger and hot dogs to cook on the grill that is built there. It's a great place to gather a big group to hang out and enjoy the afternoon sun.  

4. Visit the Grasse River!

The Grasse River is where raft day is every fall. It is also an awesome spot to spend the day in the spring. Take a nice nature walk through the path in the woods to get there! Definitely bring a blanket to sit on and pack some food and drinks for a picnic by the water!

These are all awesome places to hangout and enjoy the springtime weather at St. Lawrence. Make sure to check them out in the next couple of weeks before summer is here!