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Finding Focus: What I Have Learned

Life is no easy task, ask anyone around you. College life: it isn’t any easier. Homework, exams, papers, career planning, athletics, socializing, community involvement, the list of responsibilities and possible causes of stress during our time in college is nearly endless. We have all had those days when we just want to give up, when we feel as alone and isolated as we possibly could, and we forget that we aren’t the only one. What is more, we forget that we have control of how we feel, what we feel, and what we focus our energy on. It’s a learning process, at least at far as I can see, and it isn’t an easy one. But I have embraced it, and I am learning. I have learned that it is important to set goals, realistic goals, to help keep you focused, organized and headed in the direction you want to be going. I’ve learned that you have to focus on what you can control: your actions, your words, your choices and your reactions, and not dwell on everything that is undeniably out of your control. I’m learning to prioritize better, to fill my time with tasks that will contribute to a bigger picture, not little things that fill time and end up leading nowhere.

In order to be focused, we have to surround ourselves with people who will inspire us to succeed. People who are positive, who support us, who make us happy. We must learn to be confident and persistent and proactive, especially as young women. My mom recently told me - in an empowering but stern way - that I need to “speak up more.” What she really meant, was that she believed I had strong opinions, good ideas, reasons to stand my ground. We all do! So believe in yourself, and find that focus.

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