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Eat This, Not That: Pub Edition

Trying to eat healthier, but struggling to do it at school? Fear not, because although it sometimes seems tricky to find healthier food options, especially at the Pub, it is much easier than you might expect! For those who are trying to cut out some unhealthy food from their daily diet at SLU, here is the Pub edition of “Eat This, Not That!”




If you want an omelet, try veggies instead of ham and cheese – and don’t forget to write “real eggs” on your pub card. Eggs are a powerhouse of protein and omega-3’s, so keep them as healthy as possible by getting them with veggies instead of meat.

If you want a cup of Lucky Charms, try maple and brown sugar oatmeal. You will still get the convenience of a grab and go cup, as well as the sweetness you are looking for, but with added protein and good carbs to help kick start your day. Just ask whoever you check out with to pour in some hot water, because they are always more than happy to!



If you want chips, try trail mix. Sandwiches and chips are a classic combination, however next time you want something crunchy, reach for the trail mix instead of the potato chips for the same satisfying crunch with a much better nutrition content.  Plus, the Pub has tons of options to choose from.

If you want chicken tenders, try grilled chicken instead. Both are very satisfying, but it’s always good to skip the deep fryer when you can.



If you’re craving fries, try a baked potato instead. You are still eating the same vegetable, but choosing a baked potato over its deep-fried counterpart helps shave off the added calories. Bonus perk: keep your eyes peeled for the quinoa stuffed baked potato special!

If you want a slice of pizza, try a whole wheat quesadilla – You will still get the gooey cheese you are craving, but in a low carb version! Having it on a whole wheat wrap is another way to make your body thank you later.


If you want Ben and Jerry’s, try greek yogurt. You still get the creaminess you desire while also getting more protein which will keep you satisfied longer. The Pub offers many flavors, and you can add some chocolate chips, fruit, honey, or peanut butter for extra flavor!

If you want M&M’s, try opting for dark chocolate covered almonds or fruit. Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth after eating is a struggle we all face, so instead of reaching for the bag of M&M’s, go for dark chocolate covered almonds, bananas, or blueberries which you can find in the aisle near the trail mixes.



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