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A College Student’s Guide to Kitchen/Pantry Staples

Since syllabus week has come to a quick close and classes are starting to get more involved and strenuous, it is important to maintain a healthy, nourishing diet a-mist all the chaos. I never used to be very concerned about this, but with age, I have learned how essential it is to maintain a balanced diet while at college. After much trial and error, I think I’ve finally got the hang of how to manage my health while living on campus in order to keep me motivated and provide me with enough energy to accomplish the day’s tasks. I know it can be very difficult to eat healthy when you’re not enjoying home-cooked meals every night, but I promise there are many loopholes to following a proper diet on campus.

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins have slowly become my favorite part of the morning. This sounds crazy, but let me explain: I love gummy multi-vitamins! They are so delicious while somehow also providing me with tons of nutrients that I could probably not attain on my own. I personally love the brands Olly and Smarty Pants and the women’s daily multivitamins that they offer. I prefer Smarty Pants just because the serving of gummies is three times as much as Olly’s serving size. They are just so tasty! I am also a big fan of Olly’s melatonin gummy chews.

Nutrient-Dense Superfoods

Incorporating superfoods into your diet is a great way to boost your metabolism and provide your daily dose of nutrients. My favorite superfoods to have on deck at school include chia seeds, hemp and flax seeds, cacao nibs, cacao powder, and goji berries. I love incorporating any of these examples into my yogurt, in oatmeal, atop of toast, or even in a smoothie. There are also many “superfood” snacks that are perfect when you need an extra boost of energy. I really like the brand Activated and their tasty nut mixes that are blended with essential superfoods. There are also many awesome food brands that have created wonderful protein bars made with several superfoods. I really enjoy “Perfect Bars” which you can find in any grocery store kept cool in the dairy aisles.

Protein Powder

This year I decided to purchase a Nutribullet to have with me while on campus. Best. Decision. Ever. I didn’t expect myself to love this machine so much, but it has honestly changed my life (not to be dramatic). I have a smoothie just about every day and enjoy every last sip. Protein powder is a game-changer when it comes to making the perfect smoothie. In general, I don’t consume very much meat, so I do my best to incorporate sources of protein when I can. While on campus, my meat consumption is further limited, so having these high protein smoothies has been really beneficial. Throughout the years, I have experimented with several different protein powders, so I would say I’m pretty well-versed. Currently, the protein powders I am using and loving include Orgain’s vanilla super greens protein blend and Amazing Grass’s chocolate protein. Neither of these powders creates that chalky texture everyone tries to avoid when making a protein smoothie. They are both incredibly smooth and tasty and really enhance fruity flavors. I also always add at least a handful of spinach in my smoothies to provide even more nutrients.

Fruits and Veggies

This might sound so stupid and self-explanatory, but don’t forget to eat your fruits and vegetables! I fully believe that one’s diet is all about balance, and I think that there is always room for the “not-so-healthy” stuff since food is fuel and should never be feared. Still, try to do your best to eat a fruit or veggie here and there. I personally have a lot of trouble eating enough vegetables at school, so when I have the opportunity, I always do my best to include vegetables in my meals. However, if I don’t get to it, that’s okay too! While it is important to eat well, it is also important to eat what you love. Food should make you happy, not stress you out!

I hope these tips and tricks were helpful to anyone struggling with maintaining a nutritious diet while at school. You are already facing a lot of stress balancing your schoolwork, a social life, friends and family, etc. so don’t be too hard on yourself. You are doing great, so don’t forget it! Just try to remind yourself of your gut/mind connection and fuel your body properly. Eat what you love and you are guaranteed to have a successful school year!



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