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As we continue to popularize environmental consciousness today, it's important to note the impact that your personal actions have on our planet. By familiarizing yourself with simple changes that you can make to be more eco-friendly, we can positively impact our future. 


1. Be aware of your plastic consumption 

It’s extremely easy to use plastic today. The normalization of convenient grab-and-go options for everyday life makes it even harder to avoid using plastic. Raising your personal awareness about the amount of waste you create will make it easier to cut down on your carbon footprint. You can use less plastic by using a reusable water bottle, bringing your own bag to the grocery store, and decreasing the number of products that you buy that are made of or wrapped in plastic, among other options. 


2. Stop shopping for fast fashion, buy local 

The amount of environmental harm that fast fashion creates is concerning. The energy that it takes to ship your products to you from the factory, let alone the materials they’re made of, all create huge levels of waste. By also avoiding big-corporations that fuel the systems that harm the planet, like the fossil fuel and oil industries, you can make an impact. Instead of ordering your clothes from a big company online, try your local options and thrift stores. And, if you’re unable to shop local- research the companies that you shop from to guarantee that their products are ethically sourced.


3. Wear reusable masks 

Granted that COVID-19 has changed the way in which we go about our lives, it's important to include being environmentally aware when following the guidelines for personal protection equipment, like face masks and gloves. Buying face masks that are ethically sourced and reusable eliminates the unnecessary litter created by one-wear face masks. However, if you aren’t able to purchase reusable masks, be sure to properly dispose of them- and cut off the ear straps to avoid harming animals.


4. Use eco-friendly products

While it may add more time in the grocery aisle, it's important to research the materials that make up the products that you use. By avoiding products that contain harmful chemicals and plastics that are unable to decompose, you can make an impact as a consumer. By popularizing eco-friendly materials we can normalize eco-friendly behavior in our everyday life. 


5. Recycle  

Whether it be up-cycling new clothes from the thrift store or properly disposing of glass, cardboard, and plastic- recycling can go a long way. Be aware of the signs around you to properly dispose of recyclable materials and check the labels on the products you buy to be sure if they’re recyclable. 



Be Aware While on Campus

If you’re on campus, research the clubs and organizations that promote eco-friendly behaviors. Here at St. Lawrence University, we have many options to become more sustainable, environmentally conscious members on campus. Among those options is the Environmental Action Organization. The EAO’s message stresses urgency within the fight against climate change- “Now more than ever, during this elastic and reactive time, we need to include environmental policy and consciousness into our decision making as we reevaluate everyday behaviors.” - Asa Krieger, co-president of SLU’s Environmental Action Organization.  





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Hello! I'm Catherine Weeks! I'm a member of HC St Law U, class of 2024. I'm planning on focussing my studies in the social science department, possibly majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Environmental Studies. I hope to work in politics, specifically human relations. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling, reading, and eating good food.
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