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Where to Find Business Professional Clothing: College Student Edition

It can be difficult to find good professional looking attire for college students, especially with good quality and at an affordable price. It is always important to leave a good first impression and that can start with the way you present yourself through your image and outfit. As you begin your professional journey whether it is by going on interviews, starting internships, or attending scholar events, it is necessary to have a variety of business professional clothes. As students, it is good to start having various staple clothing items such as a black blazer and black dress pants. After you get those two staple pieces, it becomes easy to put business professional outfits together. Now, I will give you the best places to find great items for a more professional wardrobe:


At Zara, you can find business clothes that can still look stylish and are great quality. This one is a personal favorite of mine because of all the incredible blazers you can find. Additionally, Zara has many tops and blouses that can go along with a blazer. You can find an entire outfit at Zara, just make sure you are ready to spend some time at this store, or you can buy online.


Target has everything you’re looking for and more. Every time I go to Target, I spend hours and the fun part is walking all the aisles. They have plenty of basics that can help you form great business professional outfits. Moreover, for the fall they tend to put out sweater vests and other unique and different clothing items to upgrade your professional closet.


From great basics, to cool tops, H&M has a designated section for all business clothing. They have dress pants in a variety of colors and styles too! They truly have it all. They also have collared blouses and blazers in different nude tones and neutrals. 

Pretty Little Thing

You can shop online at this store that has a lot of business clothing that you can find for an affordable price. With very chic attire, they have beautiful full sets, including blazers with matching pants. Additionally, you can get an idea of how it will look through the outfit ideas they provide on their website, and you can see how to match different tops or blazers with any pants. 


Uniqlo has a great selection of basics and neutral colors for any season at an affordable price, and with amazing quality. They have blouses and tailored pants under $40. You can find a variety of pants and jackets to put together for the fall and winter in order to elevate your look.

Try shopping with these great brands to elevate your style and wardrobe! Now go crush that interview!

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