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 Out of all the seasons, fall is my favorite, hands down. Chilly air, leaves with hues of red and burnt orange, pumpkin spiced everything, sweatshirts, flannels and more. The season can be a bit gloomy, but it’s oddly comforting. When reminiscing on how much joy fall festivities bring me, I can’t forget my favorite music that gives me major autumn vibes. When I think of “fall” music, I think of acoustic guitars, soft melodies and sad lyrics. If you’re a fall lover like myself, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy these “fall” albums and songs. 

evermore (deluxe version)– Taylor Swift 

folklore (deluxe version)– Taylor Swift

Last year, Taylor Swift gifted us “Swifties” with 2 amazing albums that have absolutely no skips. These 2 albums capture the vibe of fall perfectly. They’re both sad and melancholic, but have lyrics that we can belt out while drinking our apple cider! Get into the fall spirit and listen to these two perfectly crafted albums.

My Personal Favorites: “tolerate it”, “no body, no crime”, “cowboy like me”, “marjorie”, (from evermore), and “mirrorball”, “illicit affairs”, “epiphany”, and “this is me trying”, (from folklore).

Rumours (Deluxe Edition)– Fleetwood Mac

This 1977 classic album is a no-brainer. The album was made while the band was going through challenges and were on the verge of breaking up. With the iconic guitar solos enveloped within this album, Stevie Nicks’ iconic raspy and powerful vocals, and the very sad lyrics, you’ll definitely be in the fall spirit.  

Personal Favorites: “Dreams” – 2004 Remaster, “The Chain” – 2004 Remaster, “Gold Dust Woman” – 2004 Remaster, and “Silver Springs” – 2004 Remaster.

Punisher– Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers is the queen of giving us fall music. Sad lyrics? Check. Soft melodies? Check. Acoustic guitars? Check. Go put on your skeleton onesie like Phoebe and listen to this amazing album! 

Personal Favorites: “Punisher”, “Moon Song”, “Halloween”, and “Savior Complex” 

“we fell in love in October”– girl in red

It says it in the title! Whether you’re falling in love with someone in October, or are falling in love with October like me, this song will put you in the mood for fall.

“Vanilla Baby”– Billie Marten

In my opinion, Billie Marten’s music is heavily slept on. She is also a great artist when it comes to making fall music. Her soft voice will definitely relax any listener, and will give you peaceful vibes. 

“Dark But Just a Game”– Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite artists of all time. She is also another queen of making extremely sad music. You may ask, why would you want to listen to sad music? Well, sometimes it’s nice to cry! This song may not make you cry, but it may make you feel some sort of way.

“Cinnamon Girl”– Lana Del Rey

This track is definitely one of my all time favorites of Lana Del Rey. Anytime I hear Lana’s voice, I am always put into a trance. Every time I listen to this song, I immediately feel the urge to close my eyes and sway to the music. This song is AMAZING. Please go listen! 

“rises the moon”– Liana Flores

Whenever I listen to this song, the movie Coraline immediately pops into my mind. I hope you would agree that Coraline is one of the best movies of all time! This song gives me spooky vibes, and will get anyone into the Halloween spirit.

“In My Room”– Frank ocean 

This bop by Frank Ocean is different from the rest of the songs on this list. Yes, it sounds like it’s more of an upbeat song, but it’s really not. The lyrics aren’t as happy, but they’re disguised as such because of the beat. The song is a perfect fall song for me, and like the title says, all fall I just feel like staying “In My Room”. 

“Seigfried”– Frank Ocean

This song is my go-to cry session track. You can hear the pain and emotion in Frank Ocean’s voice and paired with the gut-wrenching lyrics, you’ll for sure get into the gloomy vibe that fall can bring.

“You Missed My Heart– Phoebe Bridgers

Although this song is almost 7 minutes long, you’ll never want to skip it. The soft piano playing mixed with Bridgers’ soft and entrancing voice can put anyone’s mind at ease, and get you in the fall spirit.

Get your sweaters and apple cider together to enjoy these “fall vibes” albums and songs!

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