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Song Review: “Easy On Me”, by Adele

It’s official. After a much anticipated comeback, Adele is finally coming back into the music scene and is releasing another album. I know, I’m freaking out too. To get all of her listeners excited for the upcoming album, she released her new single, “Easy On Me”; and I must say, this was definitely a great song to kick off the album with.

Adele went on Instagram live not too long ago to speak more on her upcoming album, 30. If you haven’t heard what her new album is going to entail, Adele said herself that it’s about, “divorce babe, divorce.” As a child of a recent divorce, I knew this album was going to hit close to home.

Adele has stated in a Vogue interview that this new album will emulate her having a conversation with her son about her divorce. “Over time, the album became a way of explaining things to him – something for him to listen to when he’s older.” (Aguirre, 2021). As I listened to this new song, I immediately put myself in the place of Adele’s son. 

Upon the first listen, tears immediately started to form in my eyes. I was instantly recalling previous talks I had with my parents about their divorce, and how I asked things like, “why is this happening?”, or, “how did things get to this?”

One specific lyric really stuck with me, and I will always remember it. “You can’t deny how hard I have tried, I changed who I was to put you both first, But now I give up.” When Adele sings that line, you can feel the emotion of her wanting to end things, and how she now has to put herself first in order to become truly happy.

I think all parents want their children to realize they aren’t divorcing to split their family up, and it’s because it’s dire. It’s for the parents’ individual happiness, and Adele truly depicts that process in “Easy On Me”. When she repeats “Go easy on me” throughout this song, it really shows how hard parents try in a marriage, and how sometimes they’ll eventually have to end it.

The “Easy On Me” music video was also a masterpiece, and it holds more creative value than one may initially think. I’m pretty sure everyone knows Adele’s previous hits, “Rolling in the Deep”, and “Hello”. In the “Rolling in the Deep” music video, Adele is shown in a home that is being built. In the “Hello” music video, Adele is in a home that is large and well-built. In the “Easy On Me” music video, Adele is shown leaving a home in disarray, showing that she’s finally left the life she previously lived to embark on a better and happier life. I found myself appreciating Adele and her creativity even more than I previously had before.

Adele has such a special gift of making any listener feel the pain and turmoil that she’s been through, even if you’ve never experienced it yourself. I think that’s what we all love about her. I can guarantee that when you listen to “Easy On Me”, you’ll feel as if you have been through what Adele endured. Go stream it!


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