So You're Stuck at School for Thanksgiving?

So, you’re stuck at school for Thanksgiving break, huh? Well, as much as you probably miss your family during this holiday, you’re not alone! There are so many other students that don’t live close enough to go home for a few days – several of my closest friends are from the other side of the country!

Despite the dining hall being closed and campus life being practically dead, there are still things to do over break besides sit in your dorm room all weekend!

1) Turn on the Macy’s Day Parade (or if you’re in New York City, go to it!)

This is a tradition in my family; we turn it on all morning while we prepare food before we…

2) Turn on football!!!!

Even if you’re not a sports fan, it’s great background noise. Invite some of the people in your dorm, and turn it into a gathering! It doesn’t have to be a party, but if you’re all lonely, why be lonely alone?

3) Make a College Thanksgiving Dinner

Take those same lonely dorm people and gather whatever is left from your food supplies [if it is still even edible]. Most dorm halls have a kitchen, so take it over and make whatever it is that you have. Some schools have a lunch or a dinner or something on Thanksgiving Day, but not all do. Having a big family-style dinner is going to make the day much more enjoyable than simply sitting in your room binge-watching The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime while eating your Cup-of-Noodles.

4) Pull out some Board Games

I know it sounds silly, but it can get fun if you’re in the right mood. Monopoly, Life, Parcheesi, Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Catan… Someone living there is bound to have a fun game. Even if it’s just a normal pack of cards, you can play Spoons, Go Fish, or something less cheesy. I’m sure if you Google “Card games for College Students” more things will come up.

5) Plan out Black Friday shopping

Most schools have a subscription available to a local newspaper; scour for Black Friday ads and figure out when you need to go where. This is another plus of not being home on Thanksgiving; although I personally don’t approve of Black Friday starting before midnight,  you won’t be stuck at a family dinner while the last Smart TV is being sold!

6) Skype your family

Some people I know do this. Their families will put a laptop in the right spot at the dining table so that no conversation will be missed at Thanksgiving Dinner. Plus, you’ll look very “college” in your sweatpants and baggy “Harvard Law” t-shirt while eating a bowl of Lucky Charms on Skype at dinner.

7) Get ahead on homework

None of us wants to do it. It’s gross, and it’s horrible, but finals are unfortunately right around the corner. I don’t think you want to be stuck working on your final project for English while you’re studying for your math test… not fun. Finish your upcoming projects, or at least start them, so that you’ll have a bit more time later on to study for your finals.

Being at school during Thanksgiving is not always fun, but life is what you make of it. You’re not alone on campus, although it may feel like it. Call your family, and then take advantage of realizing that you are an adult. You are totally adulting right now. I mean, what is more adult than preparing your own Thanksgiving dinner? Or your own meal in general?

Happy Turkey Day!